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Meet on fun adventures.

Most popular dating app for remote workers.

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Meet people who share your passion for adventure.
"The best dating app for 2021" - Digital Trends

Match on destinations and adventures.

"It was like we were almost an established couple, partnered up and taking on this new city, positive and open to new experiences and discoveries."
- Trip Review by Maggie, 28, New York


Who can I meet on Fairytrail?

  • Digital nomads and remote workers (e.g. doctors, entrepreneurs, engineers, writers)
  • Frequent travelers (e.g. management consultants, semi-pro athletes, flight attendants, travel nurses)
  • People wishing to move cities (e.g. expats, students, world citizens)
  • People passionate about travel and culture
  • People looking to van life or travel the world together
  • People living in remote places (e.g. Icelanders)

Why choose Fairytrail?

51% women

Balanced ratio makes finding someone easier.

93% remote

Most members are fully remote or aspire to be.

112+ countries

Get more dates by matching across countries, not cities.

How it works.

1. Find your ideal people

Create a profile to match with people in your country or far away.

2. Match on destinations

Pick places and adventures. If your match chooses the same, you'll be connected.

3. Chat and video date

Chat and get to know each other before deciding to meet on an adventure!

Frequently asked questions.

How is Fairytrail different?

Video date across thousands of cities at once to get greater diversity.
If a relationship flourishes, it's relatively easy to be together as you have remote jobs!

Why did you make Fairytrail?

Our mission is reduce loneliness in the remote worker community by helping people explore the world with someone they like.
We're building a community for a world that's becoming more interconnected and mobile.



Is Fairytrail free?

Yes and no. We ask all users to pay an entrance fee of $3 (after some usage). It's like going to a nightclub or national park!
This one-time fee obliterates scammers. We have 99.99% real, sincere users. If payment is an issue for you, contact us to verify manually for free access.
Read more about entrance fee.



Why are there Disney characters in the app?

Actually, they're characters from Native American folklore, Chinese myths, African fables, and German fairy tales.
We're fascinated by people and cultures which are shaped through generations of folklore. We use archetypes to elevate personality to the level of physical appearance.
Read about Fairytrail characters.

Partners we work with

We work with the most trusted companies to offer the best travel services to our community.

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Make location independent friends.
Download Fairytrail for free.

"I’m loving the app. I’ve already connected with a few people that are wonderful and great matches! For a long time, I’ve dreamed of finding a partner who shared the same case of the travel bug. Someone who wouldn’t be disappointed when hearing I wouldn’t be staying for long but would happily pack up with me to see the world. Thank you for creating this app! I’m excited to connect with more likeminded souls and hopefully find the perfect match. 🥰"
- Maria (Email To Fairytrail)
"Only app of its kind that I've seen and great for people looking for something real, digital nomads, and those who are willing to find the right person even if they're far away. I really like that there's stories to link to while waiting for matches. Swiping can feel really toxic after a while, and this app feels kind of wholesome."
- Ella James (Google Play Store Review)

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