Fairytrail Safely Book Adventures With New Friends

Fairytrail Helps Travel Buddies Safely Meet On Adventures


In late 2019, Fairytrail was created with the vision to help people explore the world with someone they like. We believe the world is a beautiful place meant to be explored and shared experiences are the best experiences. 

Fairytrail is the only travel booking app that’s people first. Our idea is it’s more important who you’re with than where you go. After matching with a partner, Fairytrail recommends adventures to go on together. If there’s a mutual overlap, you can safely book it on our platform. Don’t worry you can chat and video call first. Only when both parties have booked, do we finalize the tickets, so no one is on the hook. Adventures are powered by tour operators on Airbnb, TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, and Viator. All adventures are in public places and in a group led by a travel guide.

With this concept– we grew from 0 to 2k+ users organically within several weeks and started booking people on trips. However, the pandemic changed everything. We saw our traffic drop 80% and couldn’t book people on adventures anymore. Instead of shutting down completely, we took out the travel booking functionality and let users use Fairytrail as a dating app.

Now that travel has returned, we’re helping people go on real adventures together again. 

Key changes:

  • No longer focused on just dating
    • We learned many people want to use the app for booking adventures with travel buddies and friends, not just potential romantic partners
    • Users still can indicate if they’re looking for dating on their profile
  • Designed to get you on real life adventures
    • It’s a bad experience to chat endlessly online. Our app is designed to help people easily and safely have fun adventures in person.

Try out the new version of Fairytrail here.

2 thoughts on “Fairytrail Helps Travel Buddies Safely Meet On Adventures

  1. Are the trips you book through your site/app single occupancy rooms? We are not expected to share a room with a stranger of the opposite sex that we’ve just met. Correct?

    1. We only book the adventure part (e.g. surfing lessons, kayaking, wine tour). People book their own accommodations. Some people stay with friends or family, some people rent different rooms in the same Airbnb, some people stay in the some hostel, some people book the same hotel room, some people book the same hotel but different rooms. It really depends on each traveler.

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