Perks and Discounts For Remote Workers

Get exclusive deals for remote workers and digital nomads from our partners such as Booking.com, 6nomads, and Draper.
Benefits available to all Fairytrail and Campfire members.
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Booking.com is one of the largest booking sites for hotels and hostels. With the 28 million listings, you can be sure you're getting the best selection and rates. Receive 6% off.

Draper Startup House offers co-living spaces for entrepreneurs via its affordable business hotels and hostels. Locations include Austin, Bali, Bangalore, Lisbon, Manila, Singapore, Tallinn, and Yangon. Receive 10% off.

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Want to work remotely but don't want to be a contractor? 6nomads is a platform for engineers and product designers who are looking for a full-time remote job in a tech company. Join for free. Employers get 10% off.



One of the world's top conferences about remote work and running teams, Running Remote 2020 has a lineup of speakers including Sara Sutton (Founder and CEO of FlexJobs), Wade Foster (Co-founder & CEO of Zapier), and Greg Caplan (Founder and CEO of Remote Year). Receive 10% off.



Hacker Paradise curates global trips so that you can travel the world, without quitting your job. Accommodations, coworking space, community & more. Receive 10% off.

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