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Why Solo Travelers Should Consider Group Tours


People solo travel for two main reasons. Some solo travel because they don’t have anyone to travel with, so they decide to just go alone. Others purposefully choose to solo travel to find themselves or feel freedom.

Often I’ll be having dinner with friends who dream of traveling and complain that they don’t have anyone to travel with them. That was one of the reasons why we made Fairytrail, to help solo travelers find someone they like so they can share the joy of new experiences together. 

For solo travelers who want to be alone, to reflect, to feel, to be open to all of the world through solitude, there are still times when they need to travel with others. Some activities just aren’t accessible when traveling alone.

There’s thousands of Airbnb Experiences but few of them are just for one person. Many places are protected and you need to go with a tour group. Other times, there’s very little public transit so sharing a car or boat with people is just a lot more affordable. Finally, it can be really dangerous to travel alone, especially if you want to explore the wilderness of Alaska or go deep into the Amazon jungle.

Let’s say you’ve been dreaming about visiting a particular place for a while, but you can’t find anyone to go with you, you may think you have only two choices: stay at home or go there alone. But there is a third option — joining a group tour such as those offered by our friends at

This is not a paid advert. This is an article about why solo travelers should consider group tours. 


Friends Hiking is a community of travel enthusiasts who want to make it easier for other travelers to discover new places and gain new experiences. It is a service for those who need a travel companion when their friends and loved ones can’t join them for one reason or another.

The goal of is to create a platform with as many unique and quality tours organized by real verified travelers and guides as possible. It is important to point out that  tours are not those boring package holidays you can get at a travel agent’s. These tours are led by real travel experts who know the area well and want to share their insights and best-kept secrets with others, because they just love to travel as much as you do. You get all the stress of planning an exciting experience off of your shoulders and have an opportunity to see the world from someone else’s perspective, get a real insight into a completely different lifestyle and grow as a person.

Destinations and types of such tours are incredibly varied — it can be a zen yoga tour somewhere peaceful, a mind-blowing party experience in Ibiza, an expedition to a remote village in the jungle or a volunteer trip to a community where you can really make a difference.

You can choose whatever, but remember that it still is a group tour; usually there are somewhere between 8 to 15 people in a group, depending on the type of the trip and the destination. So you’ll be constantly surrounded by people who you can make unforgettable memories with. So going on a unique tour is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded people and make life-long friends who share your passion for traveling and exploring new horizons.


That’s great, but what if I’m an introvert?

It really isn’t about being an introvert or an extravert, but about what excites you and keeps you going. Even if you are the most easy-going person in the world who gets on amazingly well with people, it can be tricky to find the perfect travel partner, because such a thing simply does not exist.

We as adults are already so set in our ways, we have our routines and our quirks, it is hard to find someone who will be one hundred percent compatible with you, especially through all of the ups and downs of traveling. But if you are in a group of, say, 10 people who chose the same unique trekking tour, you are bound to have something in common. You will have your support group, which is crucial during a physically challenging trip, for example, and someone to share the amazing experiences and challenges with.

But it is still important to remember that you are all individual travelers, so you will have a certain level of independence and flexibility. Don’t worry if you get tired of socialization, it is ok to split from the group every now and again, do something separately, enjoy the holiday at your own pace. These tours do not have a rigid itinerary, and it is the travel expert’s job to make the trip comfortable for everybody, so you can talk to them and amend things accordingly.

After all, they are there to make sure you have the best experience ever. Speaking of making the trip as enjoyable as possible, from the very beginning travel experts asses the group, plan some bonding exercises and make everything in their power for the group to get to know each other and become comfortable and at ease — from group dinners to overcoming different physical challenges (depending on the type of the trip, of course) to bring everyone together. So if you are usually timid and quiet and worried about making a connection with someone, travel experts will take care of that.

According to some travel experts, after sharing a unique travel experience people not only become lifelong friends and travel buddies, but in some cases the tour even ends up with a marriage. Talk about great bonding opportunities, huh?


Couple Hiking

So do I just relax and follow the lead? 

Travel experts are not just your tour guides, who are there to entertain and cater for your wants and needs, which they still do, of course. They are also responsible for the group’s safety and well-being, so they have the right to refuse the trip to someone they find not fit for purpose and who can spoil the trip for everyone — who is slowing everyone down, is rude and disrespectful to the rest of the group or doesn’t respect people’s boundaries.

If you’ve seen The Lost City of Z, you know what consequences going on a trip with someone whose heart isn’t in the right place can bring. So it is undoubtedly a tough, but important thing to do, because travel experts want you to have the best experience ever. 

Remember, that even if you choose to go on a planned tour for the ease of it all, you still have to remain a responsible adult, who needs to have a clear understanding of what this particular tour demands of you. If you like the idea of being all Indiana Jones like, but aren’t really prepared for the challenges a trip like that brings, maybe you should pick something else — you simply won’t enjoy it.

There is no shame in having a quiet and relaxing holiday, if that’s what you need. They can still be an awesome experience, when done right. Just be honest with yourself. 

Travel is a great way to meet new people from different cultural backgrounds. It brings us together. And as much as you can always meet someone along the way, going on a tour is a safe and easy way to discover new horizons, make friends or even find a partner.  




Couple In Italy

Virtual Date Preferences Revealed By Age And Gender

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Want to know what people picked for their first virtual dates?

You’re in luck because we have the data! Perhaps these insights could help you next time you suggest or plan a date.

At Fairytrail, we ask users to choose dates before connecting them for fun and to determine compatibility.

Since the pandemic, we’ve added virtual experiences for people to pick as potential first dates. So what do tens of thousands of date matches and mismatches tell us about what singles are looking for in their first virtual dates? 


Couple In Italy

Cute Couple In Italy – Photo Courtesy of SkipWithGrace


1. Both men and women think Italy is the most romantic place the world.

Out of the many virtual experiences and tours offered by Airbnb and Viator, the top 2 were Venice and Rome. Runner ups were Barcelona, Paris, and London.

Most popular virtual tours & adventures on Fairytrail: 

1. Virtual Venice (Viator
2. Virtual Rome (Viator
3. Virtual Barcelona (Viator
4. Paris (Airbnb
5. London (Viator

All virtual tour prices were $10-20. American locations didn’t make the top quartile.


2. Museum dates are least exciting.

Virtual dates fall into 3 general categories: travel/tours, cooking, and museum. Men and women both prefer travel first. Cooking classes fell in the middle. Least picked were the museum experiences. 


3. Older people like museums more. 

As age increased, the museum category increased in popularity. For people older than 30, the museum category was in the medium popular segment. For under 30, it was in the least popular segment. 


4. Paris is very romantic for women. Not so much for men.

The most polarizing virtual destination was Paris. 15% of women chose it given the chance but only 7% of men. Over 2 times more women than men wanted to go on the Paris experience as a first date. Men preferred places such as Italy, Portugal, and Spain. 


5. Young people are more open to virtual experiences.

People under 30 are 75% more likely to choose a virtual date option than people 30 and older. It seems like kids are faster at adopting technology, digital experiences, and new trends than adults are. 


6. Introverts are more interested in virtual experiences.

Since everyone chose a character mapped to their  Myers Briggs Personality Type , we noticed that introverts had a 56% higher chance of choosing a virtual date over an offline date. This is a good reminder to be considerate of people’s comfort levels and preferences for a first date.


These data were collected over a span of 6 months during the continued COVID-19 pandemic. We hope these psychological insights can help you choose a great first date experience whether it’s virtual or in person. Leave a comment if you have any questions or want us to delve into anything specific.

work and live abroad

How To Work Abroad – Top 19 Ways

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How to work and live abroad? 

Get ideas about how you can live in other countries ranging from study abroad, work exchange, remote work, working holiday, investment, marriage, WWOOF. Here are the top 19 ways.

work and live abroad


Do you remember the first time you ever travelled abroad? Do you remember how eye opening it was to realize that where you were born doesn’t have to be where you permanently stay? Once you realize how large the world truly is, the idea of residing in one place your whole life seems lame.

But don’t worry, we have put together a list of 19 ways to live and work abroad.

“Among all respondents to the Pew Research Center survey, 57% say they have not lived in the U.S. outside their current state: 37% have never left their hometown and 20% have left their hometown (or native country) but not lived outside their current state.” -Pew Research Center

Although the survey of 2,260 adults noted that a majority of the reason people choose to stay in one place is due to family ties, they also found that financial and career situations harness one’s ideas of ever migrating elsewhere; “The most popular reason that movers choose a new community, selected by a 44% plurality, is job or business opportunities, according to the Pew survey. About the same share of stayers (40%) cite job or business opportunities as a major reason for staying, but far more stayers choose reasons related to family and friends.”

These are respectable reasons to stay in one location, but the opportunist’s mentality see’s that the world has endless ways to provide food, shelter, and income regardless of your location. 

First off. 

Visas: Visas are required in many countries for long term travel. Your passport will get you to travel internationally, but a visa is a stamp that is placed in your passport that allows you to get permission to stay in a country for a specified time period. There are 4 different categories that visas can fall under: 

  • Tourist visa (pleasure travel visas)
  • Immigration and naturalization visas(including by marriage)
  • Business or work visas (for working, including both non-immigrant and immigrant types)
  • Student visas (studying abroad)

Further in this article, we will cover a few different types of visas you can obtain to help you live abroad. 

Fairytrail has put together 19 ways to live and work abroad


  1. Study abroad or student exchange program: Whether you are still in highschool, enrolled in a university, or just wanting to gain some seasonal credits, it is highly likely that your field of study offers programs abroad! There is more than one way to go about studying abroad. Check out 10 creative ways to study abroad. If you are set out to learn something, why not do it in another country where it is potentially cheaper and you can get more of an experience out of it? You’ll be on a student visa. And usually student visas let you work part time or on campus. 


2. Work exchange: People all over the world sometimes just need an extra hand within their organization or household and are willing to provide food and housing in exchange for your skills and work! Most opportunities have work hours as minimal as 20 hours per week, leaving you plenty of time to explore your new culture or even pick up a side hustle for a little extra cash. Note that there are also quite a few work exchanges that do give you a weekly or monthly allowance. Every work exchange is different and can have different accommodations. Some websites you can use for work exchanges are Workaway (what I use), Worldpackers, World traveller


3. Teach your language abroad: How cool would it be to be eligible to teach children from all over the world without having a masters degree? There are hundreds of opportunities to be a language teacher in several countries. If you speak english, most job opportunities only require that you have a bachelor’s degree in any subject and obtain your TEFL certification. Some other programs only require that you speak fluently in the native tongue that the school is desiring you to teach! Check out 10 Ways to Get Started Teaching Abroad. They’ll normally take care of your visa through the school or help you obtain it yourself. For an example, check out teaching english in Korea.


4. Be an Au Pair / Nanny: Tons of families are eager to share their lifestyle and culture with foreigners in exchange for someone to watch over their children while they are working or traveling! If you are someone who is good with children and want to explore a new destination, check out GreatAuPair, InterExchange, and Transitions Abroad for opportunities!


  • 5. Work online: 
  • The amount of job opportunities to work online is growing by the second. It is one of the most flexible ways to provide and income from anywhere in the world. 



Here are some examples of online work:

Blogging: Yes, there is money to be made through personal blogging. Which is a pretty cool concept right? You write content about your lifestyle and things that interest you and get paid for it?! The biggest obstacle is that before you can start making money, you have to have a strong following and subscribers. Once you do, companies and organizations will recognize you as a ‘traffic pool’ and offer you money to display their ads on your site. Aside from the adversity, this is a great way to supplement income remotely, all you need is good wifi connection and profitable content! Refer to Work from home: How to make money online for beginners for advice on how to create a pay-worthy blog. In addition look here for guidance on which ad exchange networks are the most suitable for your website!

Be a freelance writer: This one is my personal favorite considering I am currently doing it! Being a travel writer can be tough. It takes a while to gain a good reputation where websites and magazines feel confident enough in hiring you. But once you start to start to gain traction the jobs are endless! Some jobs require you to have some professional background in journalism or writing, while others simply desire to see a good work history and colorful portfolio. With new online businesses starting up everyday, the demand for writers and content creators will continue to grow. If this interests you but have no idea where to start looking here is a Complete Guide that can help get a better understanding of how to start freelance writing. The best sites to find writing jobs are LinkedIn, Upwork, iWriter, Flexjobs, and Facebook groups!

Be a freelance web designer: There is a massive demand  in web designers in the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for web developers in the U.S in 2018 was at 160,500 and is expected to increase by 13% by 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. With the high demand, endless opportunities and very remarkable salary outlook, and ability to live and work from anywhere in the world, this career path is a no brainer. Surprisingly, many well-paid web developers didn’t actually go to college for it. Instead, they built on their skills on their own time and found online resources like Codecademy to learn. Read this article to find web-classes, tutorials, programs and communities to help kick off your web-developing journey! 

Be an Influencer: Do you have a significant following on your social media platforms? Don’t let it go to waste! Social media stays afloat by nothing more than their users, and their users’ content. ‘Power Influencers’ on youtube who have anywhere for 30k-500k followers can make up to $782 dollars per posted video, that’s insane! For more platform post rates check out this data! For tips on how to become an influencer in 2020 visit Influencer Marketing Hub.

If I was to list all of the online ways to make money and live abroad, that would prompt for a whole separate article. For the sake of sharing online and offline abroad work, refer here if you are interested in researching for online work only!

Okay, let’s continue!


6. Work at a Hostel: Best of the best! Hostels are seriously so much fun and you get to meet a tremendous amount of travelers from every corner of the world. Generally, the work exchange tasks are simple; Clean, follow guidelines, and provide guests with the best experiences possible! Emily rose and Kiki are travel bloggers who have great content on how, why, and what to expect when working in a hostel! Also you can check out and any work exchange sites for hostel work opportunities!


7. Ancestry visas: If you are desiring to work abroad and live in the UK and just so happen to be a commonwealth citizen, you may be eligible to apply for a UK visa that allows you to work in any of the commonwealth countries  for up to 5 years, after that you can choose to either permanently change your residence or extend your visa. This is a great way to have access to working in multiple countries for a long term stay. Look here for further details on how to obtain a UK ancestry visa! 


8. Youth mobility visa: (YMV)/working holiday visa (WHV): If you are 18-30 years old and wish to immerse yourself in a different culture while still being able to work, this is a great visa you should take advantage of. Without needing any other sort of sponsorship, these countries accept U.S. working holiday visas:

Click on any of the countries above to find out how to apply for a WHV. Most allow you to stay from 6-12 months. There are more countries that accept these types of visas but require much more than just the visa itself. Note that each country is different and has different guidelines which must be met prior to applying for the visa. Here are some things you should know when applying for a WHV/ YMV


9. Investment Visas: Many countries, for example, Canada and the USA have opportunities for investors to live in that country by making an investment in the country’s economy. In the USA the investment visa is known as EB-5 visas. It’s a way that the U.S. economy can benefit from immigrants who want to come into the U.S. Immigrants who can afford to invest money into the U.S. in exchange for entry into the country must be able to invest a minimum of $900,000 that is lawfully sourced and creates jobs for 10 U.S. workers. For further details visit
EB-5 Investor visa

10. Get married: Most countries grant you a visa or a citizenship if you are married to a citizen of that country. If you’re dating someone, it might make sense to pull the trigger and hit 2 birds with one stone. If you don’t have prospects, you can look for people who are open to dating people from other countries on sites Interpals and Fairytrail which give you exposure to people outside your country. 


11. Join The Military: Although this might not be the most sought after option, it is quite rewarding isn’t it? Joining the military comes with incredible perks; Great income with paid housing, travel, food and opportunity to be an active participant in defending your nation! Opportunities to see different parts of the world are endless! Supposedly, the navy is the military branch that travels abroad the most, but refer here to see what branches you can join and what benefits they come with.



12. Do mission work: Your faith in god just might lead you to wonderful destinations. The simple way to find out about mission work is to ask your local church if there are opportunities for mission trips. It is no different than any other volunteer program other than the fact it is more faith-based and gives you a chance to do humble work while being surrounded by a group of people who practice the same religion as you. Check out The Best Mission Trips.



13. Be a House sitter/ pet sitter: Similarly to being a nanny, sometimes people just need someone to safeguard their home and animals while they are not actively there. How simple is that? When doing this, it is important to have a good understanding of your destination and the house owners’ guidelines and expectations. The best and most reputable place to find house/ pet sitting jobs is


14. Be a WWOOFER: WWOOF Stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. These are humbling opportunities to connect with others while simultaneously giving back to the earth we walk on and learning skills that make for a more conscious, sustainable, and eco-friendly lifestyle. If you don’t mind getting dirty and love learning, this is the way to go! A word of warning, it can be isolating depending on the experience. 


15. Become a diplomat/ embassy personnel: Being a diplomat can prompt for a very wide range of responsibilities, but all of those responsabilites having to do something with representing on behalf or your country while communicating and collaborating with other countries; “They use personal relationships with officials and citizens of the hosting country to advocate for U.S. interests, to work together on common causes, and to explain U.S. society and values”. – The National Museum of American Diplomacy

The National Museum of American Diplomacy also noted how various a diplomats scope of work can be:

“Our diplomats support Americans living or traveling internationally for positive events (such as registering a birth of a child) and in times of stress (assisting a jailed American citizen or helping to evacuate Americans from danger.) They ensure a level playing field for American businesses overseas. They support joint counter terrorism cooperation and criminal investigations. They decide who has a legitimate reason to travel to the United States and issue visas accordingly. They work to ensure the safety and security of international flights to the United States. They fight pandemics and deliver humanitarian aid to those in need. They assist governments to respond better to their citizens’ needs, making countries more stable and secure. They link emerging leaders in government and civil society to American counterparts to foster relationship building and collaboration. Also importantly, they provoke interest in foreign students in pursuing U.S. higher education. This is far from a conclusive list of diplomatic priorities, but it gives a flavor of the varied work of U.S. diplomats”.

In short, if you are someone who has great communication skills and is willing to negotiate, mediate, network, and enforce policy on your country’s behalf, you might be a great fit for being a diplomat. If this is something that may interest you and you have a bachelors or masters degree in a field of study that is correlated to the tasks of diplomatic work such as international relations, political science, sociology, or foreign policy, check out the requirements and roles of being a diplomat!


16. Work for the National Forest Service/ be a park ranger abroad: Globally, there are 3,044 national parks to explore, and each one of those national parks is subject to having dozens of resorts, campgrounds, wildlife conservations for visitors to explore and for you to work at. Many opportunities for expansion in these settings and it’s a great way to explore the nature-scape of different land. The U.S. alone has 419 national park sites, so if you live in the U.S., you won’t even need to travel outside of your country to work and live in a new setting. But if you desire to do national park work outside of your country, there is plenty of work for that as well. Many opportunities are seasonal and accommodate housing and food, (which may be deducted from your pay). Also, if the National park you are interested in does offer housing, it is more than likely that you will have to dorm with other people, which is a great way to network and meet others!


17. Flight attendant: If frequent flying is something that doesn’t phase you, this is a great way to make money and travel for free! Just like any occupation, being a flight attendant has its ups and it’s downs,(literally), but it is a very easy field to get into and can open up many opportunities to see different parts of the world! Check out How to Become a Flight Attendant to Work and Travel For Work to see how to get involved!

18. Be a cruise ship hand: Although there are many positions you can fill being a cruise ship hand, if you are someone who doesn’t get sea sick, you are automatically a shoe in for all of the work positions! The Cruise Lines International Association, 32 million passengers were set to travel on cruise ships in 2020, which is up 30 million from 2019. More demand means more job availability. The major cruise line corporations are Carnival Cruise Corporation, Holland American Line, and Royal Caribbean Cruises. Check out All cruise jobs to find the latest opportunities!


19. Peace Corps: Not all countries have the best access to food, clean water, and proper medical care. If you have a background in the medical field, agricultural studies, environmental studies, education, youth development or community development and are itching to do humble work, this is a way to use your skills to serve the greater good and see different cultures. Peace Corps is a competitive organization to get into simply because their standards for volunteer participants may be higher. Check to see if you possibly meet the minimal requirements


I hope this article, at the very least, has opened your perception to how many ways there truly is to live abroad. The world is more full of opportunities than it isn’t, you just have to be willing to look beyond your normal environment! 

Written by: Hannah Johnsen.

IG: @journalingwithhannah

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Being A Healthier Nomad: Freelancer Fitness

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Maintaining physical fitness while freelancing.

“Women who reported sitting for more than 6 hours during their leisure time had an approximately 40% higher all-cause death rate, and men had an approximately 20% higher death rate.”American Journal of Epidemiology 

“Women who sat more than 7 hours a day and women who did no physical activity were more likely to have depressive symptoms than women who sat less than 4 hours a day and who met physical activity guidelines, respectively.”American Journal of Preventative Medicine 

“According to the World Health Organization, physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause to global mortality. Being a freelancer who primarily earns an income from my laptop, this puts me on the frontline for chronic diseases and that terrifies me.” – Fairytrail member

What’s even more scary, as I am writing this article, I am strengthening these statistics. Chances are that you, as the reader, are too.

Somewhere between the lavish lifestyle blog posts and “how I trained for my first 5k” video tutorials, a critical piece of information is silenced; the gruesome amount of sedentary hours that freelancers face.

Considering that there are over 57 million freelancers in the United States alone, this is a topic that needs consistent attention. To bring consciousness to the potential long term affects of a sedentary lifestyle, we must observe some of the short-term symptoms.

Here are some physical health struggles that freelancers regularly experience:

  • Joint pain / stiffness
  • Weight gain or unhealthy weight loss
  • Bad posture & back pain
  • Slow metabolism / digestion issues
  • Easily fatigued from exercise

Most of these issues are simply caused by the excess of sedentary tasks and restrictions of range of movement. Whereas, 9-5 jobs in food service or hospitality require you being active on your feet for long hours. And considering that we are collectively experiencing the restrictions of COVID-19, those who regularly did their due- diligence of attending the gym are hindered as well.

But overcoming adversity is what fabricates the best entrepreneurs, right?

These burdens are not enough to counterbalance the benefits of being a freelancer, they are just conditions to note while entertaining this way of living. 

So what are some ways to incorporate health & physical activity into your busy life?


 1) Modify your tasks

That zoom call you have in 20 mins?

Maybe no one will mind if you are on a brisk walk during the call, or chime in between sets.That is if you use mute as needed that way no one is a victim to your awkward heavy breathing.

Just starting to brainstorm ideas on a new pitch or project?

Put down the pen, close the computer and brainstorm on the go. Get your blood moving and as ideas come to mind. Open up notepad on your phone and type or voice record them so that the can be marveled on later.

Don’t have time?

You are 100% right! You don’t have time, that’s why you have to make it.

I know that is a broken-record statement, But in all honesty we operate in a trifecta of the Mind, body , and spirit. This trifecta works like turning gears, and when one gear gets neglected, it isn’t a long grace period till the other gears suffer the ache as well. Lucky for you, being a freelancer demands being creative.


A study conducted in 2014 by Stanford University suggested that “out of the 48 participants, 81% improved their creative output while walking”.

As far as each individual goes, their creative juices are enhanced by 60% JUST BY WALKING. The experiment further claimed that extending your activity to the outdoors can expose even more benefits. 

“Think about it, they are called creative juices for a reason, right? When you exercise, your heart rate increases, which sends more blood flow to the brain. As blood flow increases, your brain inherits more oxygen. Physical activity is not just for your body, it’s the key ingredient to helping your brain be a well-lubricated machine.”

Wellness-focused freelancer, James Leung

You don’t need to go hard. 

Any movement is better than none. As long as you are getting your heart rate up in some way to increase your blood flow, you will benefit. Use your creativity to innovate ways to weave movement medicine into your everyday life.

If you can find wiggle room, use it to wiggle!


2) Make movement your first priority.

Checking emails

We have all been there; Setting the alarm for 5:45 am in regards to squeeze some morning cardio in before you start your day. You turn to respond to your alarm and one of 2 things happen:

  1. You hit snooze and sleep in past your goals
  2. You find yourself knee-deep in emails and internal pressure to start crafting new content, completely putting AM movement on hold. Staaaahp. Don’t do this.

Remember a great benefit to being a digital nomad is having more time to yourself and not having to be rushed into a workplace everyday that has overhead.

Don’t let your phone or laptop be that overhead.

Your body is the vehicle that drives everything in your life and business. Don’t put it on the back burner.


3) Set the pace for the day.

As soon as your eyes open in the AM, your cortisol levels rise. Why not use that flight response to fuel a good morning workout? (which in return, will REDUCE overall stress). Not to mention, if you give yourself too much time, your entrepreneurial ego will negotiate “more important” things you can be doing with your time than tending to your health. Also, if you get your physical activity out of the way first thing in the morning, you will have the rest of the day to be working more effectively  with a clean conscience knowing that you put your health first.

Benefits of A.M. workout include:

  • You will burn up to 20%, due to being in a fasted state.
  • Increases human growth hormone
  • Sets the pace for a proactive mindset
  • Mental clarity & increased alertness
  • Lines you up for better sleep that night

But.. I’m really not a morning person

No problem! Everyone is different. If A.M. workouts come with too much resistance, then that may not be your peak hour to work-out.

“I have found that my workouts are more effective in the morning, but honestly some people feel they reap the most benefits from their workouts in the evening. A great way to determine whether your workouts are most efficient in the morning or evening is to listen to your body and journal your energy levels throughout the day. Whatever times of the day you’ve documented that you were the most energetic, try and plug in some physical activity during those times and see how you feel.”


4) Take care of your digestive system.

Your body digests food a lot better when it knows that it is going to actively need it, but if you are sedentary for most hours, your digestive tract may become sedentary as well. 

This is why it is important to be a Intuitive and mindful eating 

If you are going to be sitting for a while, is it necessary to eat dense foods such as pizza and steak that digest slower and will sit in your stomach like a log? Fuel your body as necessary to your activity level. That way you dont experience a calorie surplus resulting in weight gain or calorie deficit, resulting in fatigue. 

“Energy input should equal energy output – that’s the key! Know that your body is going to be using whatever you are putting into it. If you predict a slower-moving day ahead of you, adjust your food consumption accordingly.”

James Leung

Chew slowly and thoroughly to ensure that your lax-day compensates your digestive system. Possibly drink tea or just warm liquids to nurture your metabolism throughout the day.


5) You don’t need a gym or equipment to have a killer workout.

Whether you are a freelancer who doesn’t have space for equipment during travels or a gym junkie who is deprived due to COVID-19 , it’s time to get innovative with your exercise.

Here’s a tip, YOUR BODY IS YOUR BEST DUMBELL. And no, i did not just call you dumb.

Your body is with you wherever you go (duh), might as well use it! Here are 50 bodyweight exercises that you can perform literally anywhere. If you want to add a little more heat, resistance bands are flooding the fitness industry. They are perfect for light traveling and can be used anywhere in multiple ways. If you are someone who is is interested in using technology as a fitness tool, check out out article on our recommended best fitness apps.

“ I have a good feeling that because of the coronavirus, people are going to start taking it upon themselves to integrate fitness into their everyday life rather than strictly going to the gym 2x a week. Gyms are amazing, but you don’t need them to get a great workout in. There is TONS of free workout content all over the internet that require very little space and no equipment. Most of them can be done in under 10 minutes! If you are someone that needs a little more guidance I suggest you find a fitness influencer that you truly vibe with and support them. You are helping them as they are helping you.” – Bella Gonzalez

James had a similar response when asked “what effects do you think this pandemic will have of the fitness industry?”

“I think people are going to come out of this quarantine feeling better than they did before. Overall, for some people, this was a very necessary pause to reset their mind, body, and spirit.  A pause that has given them the time to consider what they value in their daily routine and to integrate activities to look after their well-being. You really only need a small space to perform a decent workout at any intensity level.” – James Leung


 6) Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.

“It’s important to keep your ‘mindful movement-toggle’ turned on in all circumstances. When you are traveling, find ways to marble physical activity into your vacation, that way you are not taking away from your experience nor are you neglecting your body. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. It could be as simple as walking to your next tourist destination rather than Ubering, squatting with your backpack on, a short jog on the beach, taking the stairs to your hotel room rather than the elevator. Yoga mats and resistance bands are lightweight and you can use them anywhere. Seriously ANYTHING  to get your blood pumping and to remind your body that you are always being mindful by finding ways to take care of it.” – Bella Gonzalez

“It’s easy to slip into an unmotivated mindset. But if you look around, you will find inspiration everywhere. If you are conscious of the science-backed reasons of how physical activity greatly improves your overall wellness, it becomes a no-brainer as to why you are going to do it despite any outside factors. Bruce Lee says, ‘think and you shall become’, if you think with a wellness mindset, a wellness lifestyle will start to surround you.” – James Leung

There will always be a way that your mind will try and convince you not exercise, but none of those reasons are valid.

Without your body & it’s optimal health, you wouldn’t be eligible to experience all the greatness life has to offer. 

So rather than putting your health last, put it first!

James Leung is a traveller, wellness-teacher, trainer, and content creator for BALM. James is using his past education and inherited skills to apply them to his passion: Living and promoting a wellness lifestyle from anywhere in the world. When not travelling, James predominantly resides in London. Although he enjoys all things wellness related, he highly enjoys martial arts in yoga. 

Next destination: Thailand.

If you would like to get to know James better, you can find him on instagram @jamesjleung or @balm.welness

Bella Gonzalez is a free-spirited freelancer/yoga teacher who uses her knowledge as a graphic designer to supply income and connect with the world while fulfilling her dreams of endless exploration. All-in-one package and a true go-getter. 

Next destination: India.

If you would like to get to know Bella better, you can find her on instagram @letswithbella or her website/blog 

Written by: Hannah Johnsen @hannahspeex

Antarctica Explorers

Fairytrail Campfire’s Top 50 Travel Bloggers To Follow In 2020


People often ask us how they can have a remote lifestyle. In fact, 42% of our community aspire to be remote. There isn’t one path to it, but perhaps the best way to begin is to simply to read about people who have done it. 

But there are so many digital nomad and travel bloggers out there, where do you start? We spent the last couple of weeks researching and creating this list of our favorite bloggers. We ranked our list based on quality of writing, photography, blog content and originality.

From ex-bankers to TV personalities, all of these bloggers have one thing in common: they’re endlessly passionate about seeing the world and are willing to sacrifice their normal routines to make it happen. 

Most of these bloggers are also very friendly and kind, so feel free to reach out to them. We’re pretty sure they’d love to hear from their readers. 



Fairytrail Campfire’s Top 50 Travel Bloggers List For 2020


1. Taverna Travels:

Taylor Taverna has conquered the world, having explored over 60 countries on her journey. She’s scrappy, too, building her own business by creating itineraries and sharing her knowledge to get more people out there to see the world for themselves. 


2. Finding Jules:

Jules’ website is like a perfectly crafted folk fairy tail, with eloquent words and photos that look like the ending scene of a feel-good film. Her site is the perfect place to scroll until you’re lost, fully submerged in travel-envy but also seriously inspired to book a flight and pack your bags. 


3. Notes from the Road:

Erik brings travel writing back to truth. His stories are gritty and real, and his writing allows you to step right into his adventures. He paints pictures in his storytelling (and he actually paints real pictures, too) with incredible, eloquent detail and stunning photography to match. 


4. The Blog Abroad:

To sum it up: Glo crushes life. She went from fearing travel to being a full-time digital nomad while managing a six-figure blog. She’s energetic, full of life and channels all the good vibes you can imagine to create a fantastic life for herself. Her writing is majorly motivational—you’ll find yourself trying to manifest destiny by the end of an article. 


5. MissRover:

After living a normal life for 25 years, Melissa decided a conventional lifestyle wasn’t for her. She packed everything she owned into a Nissan and left to travel the country, vanlife. On her blog you’ll find travel guides, travel stories, and inspirational thoughts for those looking to travel in the United States. 


6. Young Adventuress:

Liz is a great writer, plain and simple. She’s relatable, witty and her insane adventures make for great content, too. She loves solo traveling because it allows her to do exactly what she wants when she wants. Her articles are entertaining, but also make you think twice about what you’re after in life. 


7. Expert Vagabond:

Matt has been all over the world and created a life for himself on the go—he’s even started a family amidst his adventures. He’s got tips for everything from proper gondola rental tactics to run-ins with the Mexican cartel. His writing is personable, his photos are enchanting and his tips are perfect for all sorts of travelers and nomads. 


8. World of Wanderlust:

Brooke has been venturing by herself since 2012 (she was just 20!). She’s since conquered the world and collected an enormous amount of stories along the way. Her site is beautifully done with vintage vibes and endless trips to explore—she even has a whole section on traveling alone and the things she’s encountered along the way.  


9. Dan Flying Solo:

Five years ago, Dan ditched his restaurant job to travel. He practically fell into blogging, but his passion for seeing the world kept him motivated to sharpen his skills as a photographer and web designer. He’s met tons of friends on his journey, and his humor really shines through his writing. 


10. Pommie Travels:

Despite graduating from university with straight-A’s, Victoria didn’t want to settle into society. She kicked off the nomad life exploring Bali, and has lived around the world since, writing really unique articles from the inspiration she’s gotten by traveling upwards of 70 countries. 


11. Veggie Wayfarer:

Caroline is a full-time travel blogger and a total foodie—her personality basically pops out of the computer. Her website is beautiful and covered in “how did she take that” type-photos. Her articles are charming and easy to read, especially if you’re a woman looking for inspo as a solo traveler. 


12. Nomadic Matt:

Matt took a leap for the nomadic life ten years ago and has never looked back. With over 100 countries visited, his knowledge for the world is practically limitless—he even put all those factoids together to write New York Times bestseller How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, which has inspired millions of people looking for a lifestyle change.


13. My Life’s A Movie:

Alyssa is slowly but surely checking off her entire bucket list as a solo traveler. She’s already been to all 7 continents, seen all 7 wonders, and visited over 100 countries—oh, and her photography is off the charts. Her articles will give you guaranteed wanderlust envy but very well worth the read. 


14. Alex In Wanderland:

Alex lived a conventional life for many years with an unrealized passion for travel, but like most of us couldn’t find the financial means to travel the world with a good backup plan. Being the real-life version of Alice in Wonderland however, she threw reality to the wind and started traveling the world. Discovering how beautiful the world is kept fueling her inner fire, working odd jobs for years to keep traveling while building her blog to the success it is today.


15. Adventurous Kate:

Kate’s been traveling solo for close to a decade, cranking through all 7 continents and close to 100 countries. As a young woman in the world, she focuses on safety tips in an educated but very digestible way. She’s a great writer and can really recreate the essence of a place through her words—you’ll be intrigued the whole way through.


16. Be My Travel Muse:

On her about page, Kristin leads with her mission: to empower women to be brave and confident in her abilities. This mindset seems to echo in her articles and downloadable courses. She writes with a genuine passion to see people live out their dreams of becoming international travelers. 


17. Oneika The Traveller:

Media personality and travel junkie Oneika has collaborated with numerous big-name brands around the world while living with the mantra of inspiring people of color to see the globe. She’s articulate, genuine and hits upon topics that we tend to overlook, making for an eye-opening read.


18. Hey Nadine:

Nadine originally made her mark as a vlogger (and a very well known one, at that), but her website is worth equal praise. She’s been globetrotting for 9 years now, making waves as she goes with her upbeat vibe and thrifty tips to make the most of each adventure.


19. Wandering Earl:

While his blog gives off a no-frills vibe, Earl’s adventures speak for themselves. He’s been a digital nomad for over 2 decades and has visited 117 countries. He has posts and guides for just about everything including small tour groups—he’s basically a walking knowledge bank for nomads everywhere.


20. Teacake Travels:

Here’s a secret: Her last name is not actually Teacake. Alice, in general, exudes spunky energy and enthusiasm. She’ll leave you saying “Yeah, I got this” to just about any obstacle in your way. She’s all about women empowerment and covers the bases for traveling in a quick, quirky and digestible way. In fact, she’s launching Anxious to Adventurous, a coaching program for women to combat anxiety and embrace adventure.


21. A Broken Backpack:

Mel blogs all the stuff that everyone tends to forget about—like sleeping in an airport, or the struggle of applying for a visa. She’s also been to pretty much every off-beat place ever, having been on the road since 2014. Her articles are super real and relatable—they  break the facade most people try to create about their trips and traveling. 


22. The Bum Who Travels:

Shubham has been traveling full time for 5 years as a writer and consultant, he has an amazing backstory and now focuses his expeditions on sustainable and responsible tourism. His passion for eco-friendly travel makes for some amazing, off-beat stories, lots of backpacking, hitchhiking and pauses to appreciate a simpler way of life. 


23. Journey Era:

Jackson is semi-new to the nomad life, having only been traveling full-time for 2 years, but you’d never know it. His photography is outrageously beautiful, and his thrill for taking risks seems endless. He’s always posting about unique places and uncharted territory—while jumping off every cliff he comes across along the way. 


24. Lili’s Travel Plans:

Lili’s posts are basically mini-stories, filled with emotion and great energy. In between the lovely little blurbs are equally stunning photos she takes along the way, weaving the perfect tale every time. She’s so good at recalling her day in such passion-filled detail that it’s hard to not picture her typing away in the middle of a safari or ocean adventure. 


25. Backpack Banter:

Chris is a British bloke who has been bouncing around the world since 2009. He’s down to earth and up for a good time, his articles are about how to be scrappy and travel cheap, while jumping into an array of adventures like snorkeling, surfing and hiking.


26. The Blonde Abroad:

Kiki’s perfectly crafted site will keep you engaged for hours, with options to indulge in an article (or six), book a trip from her self-made travel business, or learn about proper tips for packing and dressing for any country. She’s all about female empowerment and her site practically gives women step-by-step guidance on how to get out into the world.


27. The Shooting Star:

Shivya has been featured on some of the world’s biggest publication companies out there, and for good reason. Well into ten years of full-time travel, she seeks the off-beat, the unique and the local. This is a great site to explore if you’re looking to make a difference through veganism, sustainability and doing your part. 


28. Jen on a Jet Plane:

Jen’s a solo traveler and (plot twist) a full-time lawyer. She managed to fit 20 international trips into one year while maintaining her career—and she wants to help people do the same. You’ve got plenty of places to find inspo from her, including her articles, the book she’s written, or even the TEDx Talks she’s done.


29. Travel Freak:

Jeremy dipped out during the economic crisis in 2009 and has been a nomad around the world ever since. He started off by picking up random jobs along the way, and has since created a successful online entrepreneur business. TravelFreak now has an international following and has been featured in everything from National Geographic to BuzzFeed.


30. Keep Calm and Travel:

Clelia ditched her job at Burberry London to see the world—and she’s done just that. She’s got a ton of countries under her belt, and you can tell she spends a lot of time researching and writing about the best things to do, she also looks for the unusual and unique as she goes. 


31. Ashley Abroad:

Ashley not only travels solo, but she truly lives and immerses herself into a country, rather than jumping around from place to place. Not only has she visited nearly 50 countries, but she’s lived as an expat in France, Uganda and Argentina, racking up knowledge that only locals can uncover. 


32. Travel Dave:

At the ripe age of 15, Dave said so long to the UK and headed for Finland with the pennies he had saved along the way—oh, and he hasn’t stopped since. He got into blogging before it was cool (his mom requested a daily update because he was so young) and has since studied and lived all around the world. 


33. P.S. I’m On My Way:

Trisha says it herself—if you’re looking for guides and travel inspo, her site isn’t for you. Sure, she has some posts about “the 37 things not to miss in wherever” but, more importantly, she talks about the raw, real struggles that people push far into the corners of their mind as they go through life. Read them, relate to them, take them with you. 


34. Coffee with a Slice of Life:

Sarah has been traveling for nearly a decade, dabbling in careers as she goes—from writer to dive instructor to English teacher. She has limitless energy and thrives from spontaneous moments. She’s also got some incredible videos on her site (and a very awesome accent) that you can get lost in for hours. 


35. GRRRL Traveler:

While she was always a fan of traveling, Christine wound up solo by accident, caught the bug, and has been venturing on her own ever since. She’s got a lot of tips about traveling alone, plus, she was a reality TV camera operator back home so her videos and photos are top-notch. 


36. Velvet Escape:

After a decade of investment banking, Keith rebuilt his career from the ground up as a writer and marketer so he could pursue his passion for travel. He’s made huge successes with his Ebook and TEDxTalk while keeping inspiration and motivation high through his travels of the world (he just celebrated ten years as a world traveler!). 


37. Ottsworld:

Sherry has been wandering around the world on her own since 2006 public speaking, blogging and inspiring people as she goes. She ditched her attachments (like a mortgage and other expenses) to be completely free as she explores the world, which is beautifully brought out through her photography and writing. 


38. Jessie on a Journey:

Jessie wants you to book the trip. To take the plunge. A decade ago, she dodged the pressure of society (and her family) by saying so long to New York and her 9-5 plans in order to travel. Today, she’s an avid traveler, plus she’s got all types of tools and classes to help you find an action-packed life. 


39. La Vida Nomadé:

Fran has done it all. No, really, she’s basically tried every career known to man. Her about page aside, you can tell she’s dipped into tons of cultures and communities by the way she writes, the unique lens she looks through life, and the collection of little details she includes as she explains each country.


40. My Adventures Across the World:

Claudia grew up in Sardinia and she was brought up exploring cultures around Europe. When she started traveling more seriously in 2013, she began her blog to keep friends and family in the loop as she went. Her writing is a breath of fresh air because she’ll it to you straight as she tackles the world, country at a time. 


41. FootLoose Dev:

Self-described as an adventurer that loves the offbeat and slower travel, Dev’s stories are thoughtful, unique, and beautifully written. His eclectic excursions always lead him to new friends and amazing photos—you’ll be inspired to break out of your comfort zone and take on the world.   


42. Girl vs. Globe:

Sabina has been all over the map, starting at school in Austria at 13! She prioritizes immersing herself in the culture, learning the language, embracing the weather, etc. She also has an awesome section on being a woman who travels, figuring out relationships on the road, and all sorts of deeper questions that come with traveling. 


43. Spend Life Traveling:

Sanne has been living abroad and traveling the world since she was 17. She’s  creating her own happiness along the way by being a digital nomad. Her writing is honest and real, highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly of her experiences abroad. 


44. Kami and the Rest of the World:

 Kami has tackled the globe, country by country. She started traveling at a young age and has challenged herself to explore cultures that used to intimidate her. You’ll get lost in a sea of fascinating articles, including eye-opening topics about the challenges happening internationally. 


45. Miss Filatelista:

Lola is a published travel journalist who has written articles for big brands around the world—she also prioritizes vegan eating, responsible travel, and yoga retreats, which are highlighted in her writing and give audiences a more authentic visual of her travel priorities and passions. 


46. Flora the Explorer:

Flora brings back the human aspect of travel. She welcomes and embraces life and all its imperfections through her writing in a very sincere way. Hang on tight as she weaves through the world, sharing her adventures and the awkward, vulnerable and challenging scenarios that follow. 


47. The Pink Backpack:

Steph’s adventures haven’t exactly been smooth sailing. This PhD student has been surrounded by mishaps, but it hasn’t kept her away from traveling (plus, they make for a great read). Her articles are personable, super entertaining and perfect for thrill-seekers.


48. Runaway Juno:

Juno ditched her mechanical engineering gig in 2011 despite her parents disapproval. Her blog has since caught a lot of traction—her writing talks about her personal growth through all the beautiful, breathtaking moments she’s encountered on the road that shaped her into who she is today. 


49. Where’s Mollie?:

Mollie hit the ground running at a young age. At just 25, she’s already started a tour operation and a shop tailored for all your adventure needs. Mollie strives to live with zero regrets, and it’s gotten her pretty far. Check out her articles for some great photography, amazing stories and helpful tips for a variety of destinations. 


50. Wanderlust Chloe:

Chloe has been a full-time solo traveler since 2014 and her experience has gotten her tons of recognition by big-name brands. Her blog has been majorly successful because she’s always up for the adventure and leaves no stone unturned in her search to find the best things to do in whatever city she’s exploring.



So there you have it! Our 50 favorite solo travelers and digital nomads. We will continue to improve the article add more photos throughout the year. 

We highly encourage you to get reading on all the amazing articles and adventures crafted by these inspirational individuals. Trust us, you’ll discover motivation to switch up your routine, plus you’ll have all the tools and tips needed to make it happen. 


Written by Rachel Laiosa

Rachel Laiosa has been writing professionally for 5+ years as a creative copywriter—both on the agency and brand side of business. An avid traveler, Rachel writes about travel in her free time for a variety of companies and brands, and keeps herself inspired by adventuring around the world as much as she can in her free time.

A Fairytrail Adventure Story: Denver’s Glacier Hike & Hot Springs Airbnb Experience

dating, fairytrailapp, travel

On Jan 4th, 2020, Maggie from New York, NY and Jun Xiang from Sunnyvale, CA traveled to Denver, CO on a Fairytrail Adventure supplied by Airbnb. The Glacier Hike and Geothermal Cave Pools experience was led by Tyler, a local tour guide who started his tour company in 2019. The travel group size was 7 people plus Tyler.


A few words from the adventure leader.


“We arrived at the glacier and the weather couldn’t have been better. This was one of my first tours I carried sleds up to the top of the trail and all the guests seemed to love it. The whole group kept engaging in dialogue. It was one of the best groups I have had.”



— Tyler DeVries, Airbnb Experiences & TripAdvisor travel guide and Owner of Adventure Colorado Tours



The story as told by software engineer and world explorer Maggie Chan.


Part I. Connecting 


Jun Xiang was my first match on Fairytrail after liking each other based on our dating profiles and then overlapping on a mutual interest in the adventure package to Quebec City. I broke the ice once the chat option opened up to see how this new app works and started a conversation with Jun Xiang.


We followed the encouraged protocol of setting up a video chat and connected on Facebook Messenger. This new way of approaching online dating was interesting to me and I wanted to see where it would go.


On our first virtual date, I went to a cafe in New York City with my laptop and met Jun Xiang streaming from his bedroom in California.


The first thing that stood out to me when he spoke was his accent. Honestly, it was never something that even crossed my mind going into this experience, so it was a wonderful thing to learn about him before meeting him in person.


I immediately felt like my world was broadening and it was an incredible privilege to be able to connect with a real human being on the other end of the stream.


He looked just as cute as his pictures. I immediately felt like my world was broadening and it was an incredible privilege to be able to connect with a real human being on the other end of the stream. I think this type of exposure to one another was critical in the beginning to form trust and a relationship with Jun Xiang. I felt like it was a good match because we were both on this app with the intent to both travel and date as single adults. You definitely need to be of a certain mindset to be open to this kind of unique experience.


As we began researching what it would cost to travel to Quebec City, we became a bit discouraged when the cost of flights during our mutually available travel time was over $1000 USD for each of us for a flight on such short notice. Fortunately, the creator of the app, Taige Zhang, reached out to us to ask if we had any questions or feedback. When I told him about the issue, he explained that we didn’t have to book the adventure we matched on, and that it is only a suggestion to get the conversation started. He encouraged us to choose any destination that would better fit our constraints.



We decided to narrow down a location within the US that we both wanted to explore. We settled on Denver, CO for an Airbnb Experience package that included a glacier hike, a local pizza stop, and a trip to the local hot spring caves. It sounded like an awesome adventure that neither of us had experienced before. Looking forward to this adventure together gave us both something to bond over and keep in touch about before our trip.


Fairytrail added a level of intentionality that required both parties to be actively involved from the beginning, and connect on a visual/audio/human level before ever meeting in person. 


Part II. Previous Online Dating Experience


Prior to trying Fairytrail, I had been using Tinder to browse the local singles during my travels to Asia, and Hinge to find dates in my hometown when I returned to New York City. It was exciting and fun for me to connect with people on these apps, but more often than not, conversations would get stale and interest would wane before we ever settled on a meeting date. Fairytrail added a level of intentionality that required both parties to be actively involved from the beginning, and connect on a visual/audio/human level before ever meeting in person. 


A change of pace from the half-hearted swipes on every other dating app that doesn’t prioritize actual human interaction over chats and match stats.


The people you come across on Fairytrail are of a certain mindset, probably very similar to yours: Single, spontaneous, travel-bug-bitten adventurers looking for a new experience with a new travel partner. I love that these connections are two-fold: romantic interest and adventure-based. If the sparks don’t fly with your match, at least you have one person to join you for a new adventure, and possibly a new friend for life. Definitely a change of pace from the half-hearted swipes on every other dating app that doesn’t prioritize actual human interaction over chats and match stats!


Jun Xiang and I chose the most interesting adventure we could find in Denver, Colorado: A hike up a glacier mountain, local Colorado pizza (I didn’t know there was a Colorado style!), and a visit to the hot spring caves.


Part III. Booking The Trip


Fairytrail was the intermediate between Jun Xiang and I for the trip booking experience. Each of us added Travel Money to our Fairytrail accounts to cover a majority of the Airbnb Experience package cost ($120). Fairytrail generously covered the remainder ($30), as we were one of the first couples to reserve a trip through the app.


By putting our funds into Travel Money, Jun Xiang and I each made a financial commitment to our meeting and trip experience.


After each of us deposited the money into our Travel Money accounts, Taige and the Fairytrail team took care of booking the reservation for us. By putting our funds into Travel Money, Jun Xiang and I each made a financial commitment to our meeting and trip experience. This gave us both reassurance that we were both interested and invested in this new unique experience. Jun Xiang even had his airfare booked through Fairytrail while I took care of my own.


Part IV. The Adventure


Our experience on the glacier hike adventure was awesome! We met our tour guide, his sister the designated photographer, his friend who assisted as a driver, and other fellow adventurers at a Whole Foods in downtown Denver. Other people on the trip were a solo female traveler and a mother and daughter.


We briefly got to know each other before breaking up into two cars to make the trip to St. Mary’s Glacier for our hike. There was unexpected traffic and we arrived at our starting place an hour and a half behind schedule. Luckily, none of us had obligations after the scheduled end of our day trip, and we proceeded with the original itinerary.



Our tour guide supplied us with crampons (traction chains with spikes for hiking) for our boots, water and a snack and we set off on a slow and steady paced hike up to the glacier area where a lake was frozen solid. We stopped every few minutes so that everyone could get acclimated to the elevation and not get sick.



Our guide purchased new snow sleds to try, and after we made it to the frozen lake and snapped some photos, some of us climbed a ways up the mountain to sled down and skid freely across the frozen lake.


It was exhilarating! It was definitely a unique experience that I’ve never had before, and quite beautiful to take in the sights. Jun Xiang and I took some fun photos in the snow and enjoyed romping around on the frozen lake.


After the hike, we piled back into the cars and backtracked a bit back towards Denver and stopped in Idaho Springs for Colorado-style pizza (thin bottom but thick and fluffy crust!).




This part was not covered by our adventure package, but was a great break in the itinerary to try the local cuisine. The restaurant was nestled among very cute town shops that we were able to browse for souvenirs before and after our meal. 



Jun Xiang and I rode in the same car together and our tour guide was aware that we were on a unique trip together through Fairytrail. When we were separated during the hot springs time, both of us were asked about our experiences using the app to book our trip together! Jun Xiang and I also bonded with other people on the tour and shared our favorite music and hobbies with each other over the car trips and lunch. The time we spent together was very fun and tiring. Being together at the end of the day, we grabbed tacos and drinks and kept our weekend long date going.


It was like we were almost an established couple, partnered up and taking on this new city, positive and open to new experiences and discoveries.


The next day of our trip, we wandered around Downtown Denver on foot to explore the shops, restaurants, and street art on our own. It was like we were almost an established couple, partnered up and taking on this new city, positive and open to new experiences and discoveries. I felt quite close to Jun Xiang and we mutually agreed that we got along very well as travel buddies. My Fairytrail Adventure was definitely worth it!


Part V. The Fairytrail Experience


Prior to going on my Fairytrail Adventure, I shared my plans with some friends who were incredulous but supportive! I’m definitely the more outgoing and adventurous one of some of my friends, so it was exciting to be able to try something new and continue to recommend to my friends!


I feel incredibly lucky to have matched someone like Jun Xiang that I felt very comfortable with and was easily able to build trust with, as we are both honest and straightforward people who also happened to work in different aspects of the same industry. I definitely would not have randomly met him outside of the app, as my typical dating location range is still within my own city, and Jun Xiang lives across the country.


Our hobbies are different but our personalities complement each other. I would encourage any adventurer friends of mine to give Fairytrail a try if they are looking for their next spontaneous trip and are open to meeting a new partner!



These are the magical words of Maggie Chan. If you would like to share your story, contact us.


Why Traveling Together Creates Chemistry

dating, psychology, travel

Tired of underwhelming coffee dates and telling people about how many siblings you have? If you’re frustrated by the limited dating pool in your city, it’s time to shake up your routine by adding adventure and excitement.

Try replacing your usual date script with the unknown— find someone you get along with, and go travel together. Read on to find out what experts have to say about why traveling together can help you find the chemistry you’re looking for.

You Can Uncover Each Other’s Lifestyles, Values, and World Views

Just by choosing an adventure together, you’re already setting yourselves up for success. According to personal development consultant and New York Times bestselling author Mark Manson, it’s important to distinguish between compatibility and chemistry. He says, “Compatibility is about the long-term potential of two people. High compatibility between people comes from similarities in their lifestyles and values.” If you two are traveling together, you already share something hugely important—an interest in seeing the world, in expanding your horizons.

If you two are interested in the same kinds of adventures, all the better. Even by wanting to go on the adventure together, you and your partner have already established some major compatibility.

You Can Feel More Natural And Comfortable Around Each Other

Modern Love Editor, Daniel Jones, said in an interview: “My best suggestion for a dating app? Go on a trip abroad, or on a backcountry excursion, with 10 people you don’t know. I bet you’ll fall in love with one of them.”

You can avoid the usual awkward pitfalls of dating—lulls in conversation, overly-scripted questions, and the weirdness of not knowing what to do next—by doing something truly exciting together. As dating coach Eric Resnick told Bustle, “Good dates are interactive. Do something where you are both on your feet and moving around together… The point is that you have something to focus on other than the date. This gives you both a chance to breathe and be yourselves. It also provides you with built-in things to talk about if the conversation hits a dead spot.” Traveling together hits all the marks: getting you on your feet, giving you opportunities to be yourself, and offering something exciting to talk about.

Your Excitement Will Spark Chemistry

When you go on adventures together, you’re getting out of your comfort zones and, no innuendo intended, arousing your bodies. Why does that basic, physiological response matter when it comes to building chemistry? According to psychologists, when your blood pressure is up and you’re feeling short of breath, your brain doesn’t always know why. So, if you’re with a partner, and you’re both feeling excited, you and your partner might attribute that excitement to each other. Basically, your brain takes the excitement from whatever you’re doing and turns it into chemistry with the other person.


Photo Courtesy: Grace Chen

So, if you want to feel the sparks flying, do something exciting together. See a new place with gorgeous scenery. Try unfamiliar foods or exotic gourmet. Visit museums and art galleries. If you really want to use psychology to your advantage, get your heart racing. Go climbing or dancing, surfing, or horse riding.

Basically, if you’re looking to really feel a connection with another person, travel is an amazing way to start.

If you don’t want to sift through hundreds of profiles to find someone who is as passionate about travel as you, give the recently launched Fairytrail app a try. It’s a wholesome dating app that lets you match with a traveling partner on a fun, safe adventure.

Written by Clara Olshansky

Writer at Travel + Leisure, world traveler, and frequent online dater. After graduating from Yale, Clara taught abroad in two different countries, lived with five different host families, and traveled to 32 towns/cities: 4 in Japan, 17 in Israel, 2 in England, 1 in Germany, 7 in Greece, and 1 in Turkey.


About Fairytrail

Fairytrail is a travel adventure dating app that connects single travelers on group journeys and activities. Its mission is to help people explore the world’s cultures and places with someone they like.

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Traveling Makes Us Much Happier Than Any Material Wealth

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When you are feeling a little down, there’s nothing like the instant hit of buying something on Amazon or going on a little shopping spree. Spending money can bring you happiness, but only temporarily. Traveling makes us happier than any material wealth.

Making new purchases may give you a quick rush but it isn’t able to help you maintain happiness.

The problem is we get used to new clothes, phones, cars, and shoes fairly quickly. As soon as we get used to our new purchase, our level of satisfaction decreases. Once the novelty and thrill are gone, we feel compelled to buy something again.

So what’s a better option?

According to research from Cornell University, doing makes us happier than owning. Dr. Gilovich found that people experience the same amount of happiness when making a purchase they want and when they travel.

However, while the happiness we get from a purchase quickly decreases over time, the memories of travel experiences produce happiness for a much longer time.

But why?

Experiences Create A Sense Of Identity

Dr. Gilovich explains our experience is a bigger part of ourselves than our material things. We may feel and like to think that we are a reflection of the stuff we buy; however, they are mostly separate from our identities. On the other hand, our life and travel experiences are strongly a part of who we are.

If you think about it, your most cherished memories probably aren’t from the material things you’ve bought. Rather, they’re experiences you’ve had.

Happiness Comes From Relationships 

An 80-year old research study from Harvard University found individuals who were most connected to their family, friends, community, and other people were the healthiest and happiest.

Interestingly, Dr. Waldinger explains that experiences connect you to others in a way that material things can’t. Some of the most important moments in his life are travel which has brought him closer to his family and loved ones.

The best way to deepen your relationships by doing new things together with the people in your life.

Travel Creates Heightened Awareness

Traveling brings us in touch with new people, cultures, and places.
In novel environments, our awareness, focus, and experiences are richer. When we experience normal environments that we’ve already adapted to, our experiences blur into one and things are often missed. Why should we bother remembering if we’ve had the 8 or 9th Starbucks from down the street?

When we travel, we experience wonder, joy, and lasting memories that are hard to forget. 


A new car gets old as soon as you drive it off the lot, but a travel story just gets better over time. When you travel, you gain richer experiences, create deeper relationships, and make memories that will be a source of happiness and stay with you forever. Traveling makes us happier than any material wealth.

Written by Taige Zhang
Founder of Fairytrail


About Fairytrail

Fairytrail is a travel adventure dating app that connects single travelers on group journeys and activities. Its mission is to help people explore the world’s cultures and places with someone they like.

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Why I Made A Dating App For Remote Workers and Travelers

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Maybe it’s best if I start with my principles first, then I will talk about why I made a dating app for remote workers and travelers. After all, why anyone does anything in life starts off with their beliefs and world views.

I don’t believe the goal of life is to be happy.

It doesn’t really make sense to optimize for happiness, money, fun, etc. No matter how high you get, you can always get higher. No matter how rich you get, there’s someone richer. The only thing that truly matters at the end of the day is, are you doing what you find meaningful?

Happiness is just a shadow that follows us when we are grateful and have great relationships – I don’t really think about it. Instead, I focus on my values and what gives my life meaning. Because that is what gives me consistent satisfaction and self-fulfillment– there’s nothing better than when your life is consistent with your beliefs.

Chasing meaningfulness is something that may be hard or even painful. But to me, it is much more important than pursuing money or happiness. Fairytrail is meaningful to me.

Here’s why I decided to make it.


1. Our world is beautiful and magical.

Having lived in five countries and countless cities from Winnipeg to London to Shanghai to Berlin to Palo Alto, I am in awe of the world and its people.

Seemingly casual moments like longboarding next to an abandoned church past a crowd of Turkish people and several prostitutes in West Berlin to meet my Chinese-German friends for late-night Turkish tripe soup was truly extraordinary upon reflection.

The world is such a wondrous place. To live in one place all my life feels illogical. Like having a big house but only using one room.

Having walked the streets of Marrakech and lived in Agadir with a Moroccan college student with nothing but two mattresses and a chair in a room next to a goat pen, I learned so much about Muslim people and how their lives can be so vastly different from mine in a beautiful way.

A German girlfriend showed me that in her world, people don’t rinse the detergent off dishes. That also completely blew my mind…

My mission is to help people experience more of the world because it’s the most beautiful thing to me– to see all its wonders, to appreciate all its cultures, and to cherish its fragile moments.

I must say the first time I saw a flying fish from a boat in Greece, I thought it was the most remarkable thing in the world.

Dating App For Travelers and Remote Workers

Under the desert stars. Photo courtesy of @skipwithgrace

Or maybe it was the night stars in the Sahara Desert and how they seemed to shine brighter than any club I’ve been to in London.

Or the fireflies dancing outside the window of our cottage on the Amalfi coast. Life felt magical. That feeling of awe and wonder is a feeling that I constantly chase.

To explore the world and its people brings me so much joy. For a period of my life, I would only date people who spoke a language I didn’t speak. Maybe I’m greedy to want to experience all that life has to offer. To live life to the fullest. To appreciate our awe-inspiring world.

But chasing happiness, it’s a losing game. What is more meaningful is helping people discover the beauty of our world. To help them feel truly alive and connected.

At the end of the day, I don’t want to just suck out all life has to offer and take all the experiences I can get. I want to give back and contribute to it. 

The first movie I saw, Lion King, said that “there’s more to see than can ever be seen” and since that day, I have been lucky to see and experience so much. I want to share that feeling of wonder with the world.

Family Vacation To The Great Wall Of China

Family Vacation To The Great Wall Of China

Building towards a family and Fairytrail are what gives my life meaning. Exploring the world makes me who I am.

So why build a dating app for remote workers and travelers? Why not just build a travel buddy app, VR travel solution, write a book, or create some travel documentaries?


2. Online dating is a disliked solution to a real human need.

I’ve worked in consumer electronics, social gaming, FinTech, B2B SasS, ride-hailing, marketplaces, on-demand delivery, and health tech. So why something as dirty as dating?

Dating has had a bad reputation. Maybe because like gambling it’s too easy to prey on the needy. So you have all those horrible fake dating apps. Maybe because there’s still this idea you can’t find someone in real life, so you need to turn to the online world.

But that’s fading fast as we turn to online for everything from food to bus schedules to Thai massages, all at a tap or a click.

Online dating is now mainstream. In fact, online is the number one way couples in the USA meet as of 2017. Currently, 39% of new couples first meet online and experts predict that to increase to 70% by 2040.


But dating is still difficult. Ask anyone. Even people who get a bunch of matches need to sift through and find the right person. And the actual dating experience can be emotionally draining, often feeling like a chore.

A loving relationship is a huge human need. Finding the right person isn’t easy. Maybe we’re too picky now in a world with movies from Hollywood, furniture from Scandinavia, songs from Korea, and tomatoes from Spain. Whatever music, food, and goods that we want are available to us. So how can we suddenly be less picky about our partners when we can be so selective about everything else in our lives?

And it’s not a bad thing we have a choice and are pickier.

Because finding a partner is truly an important decision. That person will have more of an impact on your life than any other relationship going forward.

What dating apps do now is great because they expose you to people you otherwise would almost never meet in your city.

But it’s flawed in four painful ways.

1. Diversity: Every city has its own type of people. Do you expect to find the same types of people in Atlanta as Shanghai? They have different world views, beliefs, and values. For example, there are many ethnic groups in New York, yet the vibe of the people tend to be the same. Where can you meet your most compatible partner? Which city would you thrive in? Be the happiest? What if you’re living in the wrong city?

2. Numbers: Did you know that the median population size of the top 300 largest cities in America is only 165,000? The biggest city in Maine only has 66,882 people, which translates to 31 eligible singles (calculation).  And only 55% of the world’s population lives in cities. What’s someone who doesn’t even live in a city to do?

3. Experience: Dating apps currently don’t care about your dating experience. They care about getting you matched, not what happens after. They don’t care that guys get stressed about planning dates. Or girls feel like they don’t have a say in what those dates are. And both are frustrated with the laborious coffee date to vet attractiveness, creepiness, and chemistry.

4. Conflict of Interest: Dating apps don’t have your interest in mind. When you want to reply to your potential partner’s messages, you’re shown more matches. An endless queue of beautiful people is waiting to meet you. They want to keep you dating. They want to keep you swiping. Their $6 billion dollars is tied to you being single and using their app. Their interest is keeping you glued to their screens when your interest is to find someone so you can get on with your life and have amazing adventures together.

I want to build a product that addresses these points. Wouldn’t it be better if the dates were more fun and safe? What if you could be exposed to more and different types of people who could show you the world in ways you never knew? What if the dating app’s interest was aligned with yours?


3. People are becoming hyper mobile.

I’ve had long-distance relationships before and many of my friends are currently in healthy long-distance relationships. It always struck me as strange that people do it even though it sucks.

It even seems more common than before. Why is that?

I. Remote and freelance work are on the rise.

“More than one-third (36 percent) of U.S. workers are in the gig economy.”

Think about your Lyft or Uber driver. The designer you hired on Upwork. How easy is it for them to move somewhere else?


Source: Upwork

If freelancing continues to grow at its current rate, the majority of U.S. workers will be freelancing by 2027.

Then there’s aspirations to be truly remote. MBO Partners found 38% of Americans with traditional jobs have an interest in becoming a digital nomad in the next 3 years. Already more than 4.8 million American workers describe themselves as digital nomads.

68% of millennials are more interested in a job that can be worked remotely. Google Trends tells a similar story of growing interest in the digital nomad (DN) movement.


Source: Google Trends

Some have estimated there will be 1 billion digital nomads by 2035.

II. Lower costs. Flights are cheaper than ever and faster than ever. Long-distance calls were $3.60 per minute. Now video calls are free. VR is coming.

III. Political mobility. Immigration is at record levels. In 2017, the USA has an immigration rate 3 times that of the 1970s. Germany more than doubled its immigration rate since the 1990s.

IV. Peace! The world is actually more interconnected and peaceful than ever. See the nice steep decline? That’s where we are!


Source: Our World in Data

There’s a strong need for a dating app for remote workers.


4. People are choosing to date online more. And just more.

A Stanford study shows it’s the number one way couples meet now.


People are getting married later and there’s more singles than ever.

You can see it in the revenue: Match Group is having all-time record high profits. Facebook is getting into dating. Bumble valued at 3 billion.

So this is a huge opportunity as society engages in more online dating and dating in general.


5. People are choosing travel experiences.

As you probably know, people are increasingly opting for travel and adventures. If not, just read this headline from Forbes:

Booming Global Travel And Tourism Is Driving Economies And Job Growth – The travel and tourism sector grew more in 2018 than all other economic sectors but one, adding a record $8.8 trillion to the world’s combined Gross Domestic Product – up from $8.3 trillion in 2017 – as well as 319 million new jobs.

What’s also exciting is Airbnb recently launched Adventures after the immense success of Airbnb Experiences.

That’s why the world needs a dating app for travelers and remote workers.



What does that mean for dating?

We will have more choice in who we date. Just like in almost every industry, we’ve got more choices over the years. Dating won’t be limited to local anymore.

We will have more fun dating. We’ll actually get to explore the world, try new foods, and see new places and cultures– with people who intrigue us.

We will be more interconnected. The world is vastly different but as we meet and date more types of people, people from other cultures, we’ll build bridges to form a more empathetic and unified world.

So that’s why we’re building Fairytrail. We are building an app to help single people meet their partners. We are building an app for people who want to embrace what the world has to offer. We also have a product for couples coming out soon.

dating app for remote workers and travelers

Fairytrail Castle. Photo courtesy of @skipwithgrace on Instagram

Our simple mission is to help people explore the world with someone they like.

Life is short, so we don’t think it should be wasted doing the ordinary. Nothing is better than being on a journey with someone you love. Make life and dating special and memorable.

Choose experiences that make you feel alive.

Life holds amazing possibilities. We’re here to help you discover those through new people and world exploration.

Fairytrail is the future of dating. And if we can unite the world along the way by creating caring relationships across countries, creeds, cultures, races, and classes that is something to truly be excited about.


UPDATE: The Fairytrail app is available for free download here 

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Written by Taige Zhang
Founder of Fairytrail


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About Fairytrail

Fairytrail is a travel adventure dating app that connects single travelers on group journeys and activities. Its mission is to help people explore the world’s cultures and places with someone they like.

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