How It Works

Introduction: We welcome individuals from all nationalities to sign up for Fairytrail, however all users are expected to:
🍹 Be single and over the age of 18.
🎓 Have working English proficiency.
💳 Afford paying for own trips.

1. Find your partner.
Create your profile and set your partner preferences. We will look for your ideal partners based on those preferences from around the world. Everytime you explore, we’ll bring you new profiles to like or pass.
If you like someone who also likes you, you’ve matched!


2. Match on a place you’d like to visit.
Next, you’ll see 12 adventures you can go on with that person. Choose up to 5 for free. Your match will also see the same 12 adventures to choose from.
Fairytrail is full of serendipity! If you pick any of the same, you’ll be connected to talk. If not, you'll be unmatched forever.


3. Get to know each other and meet in real life!
Talk and video chat with your match to determine chemistry and comfort.
If it goes well, contact our agent to book the trip to meet on the group adventure. Don't worry, you're not obligated to book the matched adventure and can work with our agents to find the best adventure for you and your match.
During the booking, we'll verify your and your match's identities. We'll take both payments before we purchase the tickets, so on one left on the hook.
When you book together, we buy two seats on the adventure, so you'll be with the general public, not other people on first dates. This creates a social, low-stress environment for you to have fun while getting to know your partner.
Happy exploring together!


One last note.
After each trip, you will be asked rate the adventure and your partner to keep our adventures incredible and our community safe.