8 Levels of Safety

We take two things seriously here at Fairytrail: Fun and safety.
First, our safety team manually screens all new users using our world-class approval system that works in the background.
Second, we require all users to verify a payment method (via a fully refundable deposit) before we connect them to video chat.
Third, we require you to video chat with your match to determine chemistry and comfort. We encourage people to video chat at home to be most authentic.
Fourth, we invite all users to rate other users they've interacted with to keep the community safe and kind. This rating is anonymous and not displayed. You can also block and report users in the app to help eliminate bad actors.
Fifth, for non-911 related emergencies, we have a safety response line for when you may wish to speak to someone if you do not feel safe or wish to report someone.
Sixth, all adventures are in groups of 4-20 people (includes non-Fairytrail members) and led by an experienced guide. Think of it as going on a group tour with the benefit that someone you like will be there too. No need to stay in the same place or engage in any activities outside the adventure.
Seventh, adventures are operated by reputable companies including Airbnb and Viator. We leverage their services because they are high-quality, plentiful, and safe.
Eighth, there’s no rule against bringing friends. In fact, we’d love it if you had your friends join the trip with you and your date. Our travel agents are happy to add additional people to your adventure booking.