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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this app work?

We are a social travel and dating company that makes dating safer and more fun. Video chat with amazing people anywhere. Meet on an adventure!
Think of it like this. Would you rather go to a cool party by yourself or go to the party knowing a friend will be there? Fairytrail lets you date and make friends for free from anywhere.
Read more or watch video.

Q: Why are there no more matches?

We show a limited number people per exploration based on your preferences.
This way you can focus on living your best life, be in the moment, and not addicted to a screen.
This is a divergence from the popular but toxic Tinder model of constant engagement and burnout.
Instead we want to add value by introducing you to amazing people you'd otherwise never meet once a day.

Q: Do I have to pay for adventure picks?

During the adventure picking part, we give you 5 free picks and it's $2 for each additional pick. It's a double-blind picking process, so we don't tell you what the other person picked until both submit.
When you adventure match, it feels exciting and serendipitous. Instead of meeting randomly at that place in a few months, you met here instead.
In the pre-covid days, we used to help matched users meet on public Airbnb and Viator adventures if the video chats went well but currently suspended our travel booking operations.

Q: Why is there no one in my Adores?

The Adores Me screen shows people who have adored you. If you don't see anyone there, please force quit the app and open it again. Sometimes this app gets out of whack, so do this for any other weird issues you encounter. (Equivalent of blowing on a Nintendo.)
If you actually don't have any adorers, then you should use the app more often. We start hiding your profile if we don't see you active for everyone's benefit.
You can also try improving your profile to make a better impression. Visit our friends at Style My Profile for expert guidance.

Q: Am I required to travel to the places I choose?

No! It's just a fun way to have a mini-experience with your match and see if you have similar tastes or travel plans.

Q: Why do I have to choose a destination before talking?

We ask you to pick a destination because of 3 reasons:
1) Matching on a destination creates a mini-bonding experience. You already experienced something together!
2) It helps you determine if you have the same travel tastes or plans.
3) It allows either of you to put on the brakes in case there's lack of interest.

Q: Is this app LGBT and non-binary friendly?

We don't explicitly ask for sexual preference, but take it into account based on partner search preferences. We only show you people with sexual orientations who would like you back. Read more here.

Q: Video chat as a first date?

Traditional first dates are often more like interviews. What if we replace first dates with video calls? Skip the first date to save cash and time for adventures instead.

Q: What are the rules here?

1. Treat people like you want to be treated because a dating app is only as great as its people.
2. Your character is as important as your appearance.
3. Pay the entrance fee to keep scammers out and the app running.
4. Match on destinations to see if you have similar tastes or travel plans.
5. A quick video chat can determine in-person chemistry better than a hundred text messages.
6. Don’t miss life’s magical moments by focusing on a screen expecting instant results. Focus on gratitude and self-improvement. Slow dating is part of our philosophy.