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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this app work?

Fairytrail is the world's most popular travel buddy app for digital nomads, remote workers, and vanlife travelers. Over 50,000 nomads, remote workers, and travelers use it to find friends and adventure.
After setting up your profile, tap Explore to see profiles. You can modify your search by tapping on the DJ thingy on top right corner. Send connect requests to people you find interesting. If they accept, then you'll see them in your messages.
Get to know each other and meet on adventures!

Q: Is Fairytrail free?

Fairytrail has a free plan. We also have premium plans with more features and benefits.

Q: Do I need to pay to make connections?

The premium plans instantly reveal all your connect requests. On the free plan, you can still make connections by sending connect requests from the Explore tab. If it's mutual, you'll be connected to chat.

Q: Can I see people I skipped?

You'll be able to see people you skipped after 4 weeks. There's also an undo button on the top left corner on the Explore tab.

Q: Is Fairytrail for dating?

Our main focus is helping nomadic singles, couples, and families find new connections for travel adventures. We hope Fairytrail will be more fun and less stressful as a travel app to find like-minded friends.

Q: Why did you make Fairytrail?

Being remote can be isolating, but it can be super fun with the right people. We believe great relationships are vital for health and wellbeing. Fairytrail helps nomadic people build new connections.

Q: How did you get the name Fairytrail?

Trail because we love hiking and the outdoors. Fairy tales because they're stories of resilience, allegories of hope, and celebrations of wits and courage. They were meant to warn and inspire us in a world fraught with hardship, deception, and brutality.

Q: What's the history of Fairytrail?

We launched in 2019 as a travel matching app in San Francisco. Since then, we've grown to be the biggest nomad social network in the world. Read more here.