Explore the world with someone you like.

Video dates leads to adventure dates.



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Fairytrail is a dating app for wholesome people passionate about travel.
Match with someone, then match on destinations to safely meet on group adventures.

Experiences are better with someone you like.

  • Save time and money. Video chat your match to skip the first date.
  • No more date planning. Just meet your dream match on your dream adventure.
  • Stay safe on social journeys. 2-day tours hosted by Airbnb or Viator start at only $99.

Meet people even while you're on the go.

Exceptional matches

Peek outside your bubble. Match with like-minded people anywhere.

Extraordinary group trips

Check off your bucket list with your match on a hassle-free 5-25 person adventure.

A passion for exploration

Join the generation that wants to explore the world. Even live in other countries.

How it works.

1. Find your ideal person

Create a free profile to match with single people in your country or far away.

2. Match on an adventure

Pick your destinations. If your match chooses the same, you'll be connected.

3. See if there's a spark

Attracted? Book your trip to safely meet your match on the group adventure!

Frequently asked questions.

Is traveling safe?

You'll be in safe hands on small group adventures led by top Airbnb and Viator tour guides.
Video chat your match before booking. No obligation to meet outside the tours.
Read about all the ways we keep you safe.

How do the costs look?

Ten coffee dates including Uber cost $300 and 25 hours.
Ten video chats are 100% free, convenient, and safe.
One breathtaking adventure with someone you like? It starts at just $99.


Ready to explore new people, places, and cultures?
Download Fairytrail for free.

"I thought it's better to find someone who likes traveling if I like traveling." - Liz, Phoenix
"I enjoy meeting people when I travel, so I see this as a more organized way of doing it." - Atef, Toronto