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Match based on personalities and travel interests.
Meet people who can date anywhere.

Where serendipity happens before traveling.

"It was like we were almost an established couple, partnered up and taking on this new city, positive and open to new experiences and discoveries."
- Maggie, New York


Who can I meet on Fairytrail?

  • Digital nomads and remote workers (e.g. doctors, entrepreneurs, engineers, writers)
  • Frequent travelers (e.g. management consultants, athletes, flight attendants, traveling nurses, sailors)
  • Small town residents across the world
  • People wishing to move or explore new cities
  • People passionate about travel and other cultures

Why choose Fairytrail?

Fun dates

Meet on a public or virtual adventure with your match after video chatting first.

Quality people

Our small entrance fee keeps out scammers and attracts excellent people like you.

Travel lifestyle

Do you love travel and work remotely? Date someone who can live anywhere.

How it works.

1. Find your ideal people

Create a profile to match with single people in your country or far away.

2. Match on destinations

Pick places and adventures. If your match chooses the same, you'll be connected.

3. See if there's a spark

Chat and get to know each other before deciding to meet on the adventure!

Frequently asked questions.

How is Fairytrail different?

93% of users are fully remote or aspire to be. A small entrance fee keeps out scammers.
Characters and personality types help users match based on deeper qualities.

Why did you make Fairytrail?

Our mission is to help people find quality relationships through exploration of the world's people, places, and cultures.
Read full story.

Partners we work with

We work with the most trusted companies to offer the best services to our community.

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Ready to explore new people, places, and cultures?
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"I enjoy meeting people when I travel, so I see this as a more organized way of doing it." - Atef, Toronto
"I thought it's better to find someone who likes traveling if I like traveling." - Liz, Phoenix

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