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Dear Explorer,

We believe the world is a beautiful, magical place. And it’s no surprise, we are attracting those who think like us.

Through this app, I’ve connected with CEOs of tech companies, professional athletes, TED speakers, Google employees, Harvard grads, airline employees, journalists, doctors, college students, and even people who have lived in a small town their whole lives. What unites us is our passion to explore the world’s people, cultures, and places.

We made Campfire for positive, curious, and adventurous people like us. This Facebook Group is an opportunity to network and share anything related to your business, passions, and goals.

Life is full of magic. We’ll help you discover it. Contact us if you feel you could be a good moderator and help us shape the community.

Shoutout to Iceland and Australia for the most user growth last week! 

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Fairytrail is a travel adventure dating app that connects single travelers on group journeys and activities. Its mission is to help people explore the world’s cultures and places with someone they like.

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