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How Fairytale Characters Help Daters Represent Their Personalities


When it comes to dating and relationships, personality is immensely important. Perhaps you have a certain “type” that you find irresistible. Or maybe you’ve had bad luck with one type and want to try something different. Here’s why we have Fairytale characters on Fairytrail.


1. Myers Briggs Personality Tests

Personality assessments like the widely-accepted Myers Briggs test determine your personality type by measuring how you see the world and make decisions.

Knowing which type you are and which types you have the most chemistry with is a shortcut on the road of dating. Why swipe through 100 random people on Tinder when you already know you just want to meet ENTJs? Just show me the money honey. (You can do this on Fairytrail.)

The problem is not everyone knows what those codes mean. In fact, it’s often hard to remember even after you’ve just taken the test.

What if there was a fun and visual way to represent your personality through something intrinsically human?


2. Enchantment Of Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, there were two brothers, Jakob and Wilhelm, from a small town in Germany. Longing to preserve a disappearing German heritage during the turbulent Napoleonic Wars, they traveled throughout the land to collect fairy tales, part of a rich oral tradition − passed down from generation to generation, often told around the fire to pass the time during cold, dark European winters.

As the story goes, they collected tales from printed sources and verbally through friends, relatives, peasants, soldiers, and travelers.

Gathering whatever tales they could, the Grimm brothers published a collection of 86 unique fairy tales called the Children’s and Household Tales in 1812.

As captivating as they are to children, folk stories were not intended to be for children at all. Fairy tales are cultural artifacts expressed as cautionary fables, moral parables, stories of resilience, allegories of hope, and celebrations of wits and courage.

They were meant to warn, teach, and inspire us in a world fraught with hardship, deception, and brutality. Folk stories are not unique to Germany but, like the human smile, can be seen across all nations.


3. Stories Make Us Human

Native American folklore, Chinese myths, Icelandic legends, African fables, and German fairy tales. Stories are how cultures, languages, and values are passed down. It is what unites society. It’s how we communicate.

Yuval Noah Harari in Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind writes:

“Large numbers of strangers can cooperate successfully by believing in common myths.”

There is nothing that builds understanding, empathy, and relationships faster than stories.

In product design, we have user stories. In sales, we have up-sell using stories of other people as examples. In religion, we have sermons and books filled with stories.

And there is nothing more enthralling than a movie with a good story. So it’s no wonder, so many of these fairy tale stories have become movies.


4. Disney Effect

The most prolific and successful adaptations of fairy tales are by Disney through their popular films for children and adults. Those immensely successful films solidified characters from fairy tales in the hearts and minds of people across nations and generations.

The female fairytale characters, now simply referred to as Disney princesses, capture a variety of personalities. These princesses like us are strong, kind, open-minded, resilient, loyal, and smart.


5. Personality As Fairytale Archetypes

At Fairytrail we want to bring personality to the foreground because we believe character as important as physical beauty. That’s why we let users represent their personalities through fairytale archetypes in our remote dating and travel inspiration app.

In this era when cynicism seems to have driven out all the wonder and magic out of our lives, we still see the world as a beautiful place full of wonder and magic. And there’s no way, we’re going to let a bit of fun get past us.

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. — Camille Pissarro

Look through the fairytale characters to see which one best describes you or if you know your MBTI type, find your corresponding character.

Written by Team Fairytrail


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