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Does Mauritius have free healthcare for digital nomads?

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Sun-kissed beaches, turquoise lagoons, epic hikes and a (free of charge) digital nomad visa (the Premium Travel Visa) – Mauritius sounds like a digital nomad paradise, right? But Mauritius is more than just a postcard-perfect paradise. This culturally rich island boasts a fascinating history, a delicious fusion cuisine, and friendly locals. Whether you crave adventure, cultural immersion, or simply a chance to unwind and recharge, Mauritius has something for every kind of digital nomad.

But between packing your flip flops and booking your flight, a crucial question pops up: What about healthcare? đź©ş Fear not, fellow adventurers. We’re here to help you navigate the ins and outs of medical care in Mauritius, so you can focus on catching the rays, climbing the mountains and tasting the local cuisine.  

Does Mauritius have free healthcare? 

Mauritius does boast a universal healthcare system for its residents. That means free checkups, consultations with GPs, and even medication for certain conditions. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Here’s the catch: this perk is primarily for citizens and permanent residents. As a digital nomad, you won’t qualify as a resident unless you go through the official residency process, which takes time and might not align with your nomadic goals.

What about healthcare for digital nomads in Mauritius?

The public healthcare system in Mauritius is still accessible to you as a digital nomad, just not for free. Costs can vary depending on the situation, but generally, expect to pay for doctor visits, medications, and procedures. The public system is known for being well-equipped and staffed by qualified professionals.  However, waiting times can be long, especially for non-emergency situations.

As a digital nomad with the Premium Visa, according to the visa requirements, you are required to have “sufficient travel and health insurance for the initial period of your stay.” With this in mind, there are a couple of options for you to choose from:

  1. Private Medical Insurance: This is the most common route for digital nomads in Mauritius. Plans vary, but most cover doctor visits, medications, and even hospital stays in case of emergencies. Pro tip: Look for plans specifically designed for digital nomads – they often cater to your adventurous lifestyle, hobbies and global travels. 
  2. Travel Insurance: This is a great option if you’re planning a shorter stay in Mauritius. Travel insurance typically covers unexpected medical emergencies that might arise during your trip. However, it might not be as comprehensive as private health insurance. 

So, how much does healthcare for digital nomads in Mauritius cost?

The cost of private medical insurance depends on factors like your age, health status, and the level of coverage you choose. But generally, expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 per month. Travel insurance can also vary in price depending on the length of your trip and the level of coverage.

Staying healthy in Mauritius

Here are some extra pointers to keep your island adventure worry-free:

  • Be Prepared for Out-of-Pocket Costs: Even with travel insurance, there might be deductibles or situations not covered. Plan to have some emergency funds set aside to handle any unexpected medical expenses.
  • Pack a Basic First-Aid Kit: Be prepared for minor cuts, scrapes, and upset stomachs.
  • Bring Your Usual Medications: Stock up on any prescriptions you might need, as some medications might not be readily available in Mauritius.
  • Research Hospitals and Clinics: Locate reputable private hospitals and clinics near your accommodation before you arrive. Many have websites with English information.
  • Download a Translation App: This can come in handy if you need to communicate with a doctor who doesn’t speak English.
  • Stay Active and Eat Healthy: Prevention is always better than cure. Stay active, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and keep hydrated.

Remember: A little planning goes a long way. By understanding your healthcare options as a digital nomad and taking some precautions, you can ensure your Mauritian adventure is filled with fun and sun, not medical woes.

Here at Fairytrail, we’re all about building a supportive community of digital nomads. While we can’t diagnose your earache or prescribe medication, we can connect you with fellow digital nomads, remote workers and travel buddies who might have experience with the healthcare system in Mauritius. 

Download the app to find other digital nomads, remote workers and travel buddies to enjoy Mauritius with. 



Best Fitness Apps To Try During Coronavirus Lockdown

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Maintaining physical fitness may be more of a struggle now that gyms are closed due to COVID-19. If this is something that rings true with you, keep on reading!

It’s easy enough to say to ourselves that we are going to make the best of these wild times by getting in shape or trying out those new healthy recipes, but actually doing it is a whole different scenario. 

Some people are more “fitness savvy”. Knowing the best workouts, equipment, and fitness apps comes naturally to them. 

If you are like me, you are more prone to moving your body aimlessly in hopes of looking like Jennifer Lopez by summertime.

We live in an age where anything we need guidance with is right at our fingertips, including fitness!

Here are the best health and fitness apps for staying well during this pandemic.


1) MyFitnessPal

What kind of person would I be if I didn’t start off with a biased opinion?

This is the app I use EVERYDAY and in my opinion, surpasses the other apps I am about to mention. It helps me track my calorie input and output, which is vital during this pandemic because boredom snacking is a very real thing.

This app is extremely customizable to your current health state, your goals, and how much activity you are willing to put into to reach your goals. 

It has TONS of free workouts based on whatever you are trying to target. Both step by step and video routines are available.

The best part is the massive food database you can use to track your food/calorie intake. It has over 6 million food entries you can add to your food log as well as having the option to customize your food entries yourself.

The only downfall of the large food database is most all of the entries have been made by other users, so you might have to fact check if the calorie numbers seem off. 

There is also a barcode scanner in the app for instant access to food item details. 

Annnnddd… IT’S FREE.

For 9.99 monthly of 49.99 yearly, you can get premium features and track your macros more accurately. I find enough satisfaction in the standard but if you do desire to upgrade, premium on MyFitnessPal is significantly cheaper than other apps!


2) 7



What makes this app COVID-19 worthy is that you can virtually compete in workouts with friends! Most of the workouts are short spanned, high-intensity focused, and can be done anywhere with no equipment! Free with in-app purchases!


3) Workout For Women

Women Yoga App

Don’t let the name fool you, men can definitely break a sweat from these workouts too. This app is flooded with questions but rather simply gives you an option to answer questions for customization, or simply skip to the workouts. This app is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. 

The best feature is that the main home page features workouts based on;

  • Difficulty level
  • Body targeting
  • Time of workout

That’s pretty rad. If you eat a cookie that’s 46 calories, you can burn it off in 10 minutes!


4) Yoga For Beginners 


Want to try something new that will calm the chaos of the coronavirus? This app is straight to the point for the user; main page featuring what the user might be seeking. Whether it be winding down for bed or toning your bum, it has it all. App made by the same designers as Workout For Women , thus having a similar format of displaying workouts’ traits front & center. 

Totally free!


5) Instagram


You read that right!

Freelancers aren’t just writers and web developers, most are online health coaches!

Instagram is flooded with entrepreneurs who post their at-home workouts and share nutrition & wellness tips!

Follow these accounts:

@workoutfitvideos @ashleyfloresfit @thedesailifestyle @darrentomasso @venus2bfab @julia_terpak

Try these Hashtags:

#workoutathome #workoutroutine #workoutvideo #fitnessvideo #fitnessworkout #fitnesscoach #weightloss #fitnessmotivation 


Closing note:

We have more access to crafting healthy lifestyles than ever before.

Get creative, make it fun, and get in-tune with your body!


Written by Hannah