Couple In Italy

Virtual Date Preferences Revealed By Age And Gender

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Want to know what people picked for their first virtual dates?

You’re in luck because we have the data! Perhaps these insights could help you next time you suggest or plan a date.

At Fairytrail, we ask users to choose dates before connecting them for fun and to determine compatibility.

Since the pandemic, we’ve added virtual experiences for people to pick as potential first dates. So what do tens of thousands of date matches and mismatches tell us about what singles are looking for in their first virtual dates? 


Couple In Italy

Cute Couple In Italy – Photo Courtesy of SkipWithGrace


1. Both men and women think Italy is the most romantic place the world.

Out of the many virtual experiences and tours offered by Airbnb and Viator, the top 2 were Venice and Rome. Runner ups were Barcelona, Paris, and London.

Most popular virtual tours & adventures on Fairytrail: 

1. Virtual Venice (Viator
2. Virtual Rome (Viator
3. Virtual Barcelona (Viator
4. Paris (Airbnb
5. London (Viator

All virtual tour prices were $10-20. American locations didn’t make the top quartile.


2. Museum dates are least exciting.

Virtual dates fall into 3 general categories: travel/tours, cooking, and museum. Men and women both prefer travel first. Cooking classes fell in the middle. Least picked were the museum experiences. 


3. Older people like museums more. 

As age increased, the museum category increased in popularity. For people older than 30, the museum category was in the medium popular segment. For under 30, it was in the least popular segment. 


4. Paris is very romantic for women. Not so much for men.

The most polarizing virtual destination was Paris. 15% of women chose it given the chance but only 7% of men. Over 2 times more women than men wanted to go on the Paris experience as a first date. Men preferred places such as Italy, Portugal, and Spain. 


5. Young people are more open to virtual experiences.

People under 30 are 75% more likely to choose a virtual date option than people 30 and older. It seems like kids are faster at adopting technology, digital experiences, and new trends than adults are. 


6. Introverts are more interested in virtual experiences.

Since everyone chose a character mapped to their  Myers Briggs Personality Type , we noticed that introverts had a 56% higher chance of choosing a virtual date over an offline date. This is a good reminder to be considerate of people’s comfort levels and preferences for a first date.


These data were collected over a span of 6 months during the continued COVID-19 pandemic. We hope these psychological insights can help you choose a great first date experience whether it’s virtual or in person. Leave a comment if you have any questions or want us to delve into anything specific.