The Magical Corridor Story


We sent this email to all our users today announcing our product update. Here’s the story of the magical corridor and why it was created. 
Dear Peter, 

We’re constantly working to improve your experience and instigate your next adventure with someone you like. 

Here’s what we changed about your app and why.

A Magical Corridor

Last week, we had 4 adventure matches. We learned that people value each other way more than the adventure itself. It’s who you’re with, not where you go.

With that insight, over the weekend we added a chat room which we call a magical corridor. It allows a total of 6 messages to be exchanged. This allows the matched couple to figure out if they like each other before they exchange contact information and video chat. 

Check it out an example:

We removed the deposit requirement.


Why did we have a deposit in the first place?

Many dating apps do free intros. Our concern is that we don’t value free. A tour guide in Yellowstone once told me he gave water away on his tours and people wasted it. He started to charge $1 for 4 bottles (basically free) and people started treating it with respect and value. It could be the same in our case.

We want to create sincere interactions amongst users. A 100% refundable trip deposit was a way for us to determine who was sincere, so we could protect them from those who aren’t.

Unfortunately, this caused too much friction for our users and for us, so we took it out. We still want people to value and treat each other with respect, so we decided to limit active matches to only 6. We hope this creates a kinder experience where we can be intentional with our conversations. We hope it prevents ghosting which is when one person stops responding for no reason. Since users can only see 6 matches at once, they are incentivized to unmatch which sends a clear signal to the other person that there’s no chemistry and no desire to continue.


What to do now?

To get this functionality, update your app.

>> Update your app here <<


How you can help?

Thank you for joining us on this journey to build the world’s safest remote dating app. We’re still trying to figure out who our early adopters are but many of you seem to have heard about us through the Remote Year community. We appreciate you spreading the word.

Check it out an example:


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Taige & Fairytrail Team


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