9 Best Mental Health Apps for Digital Nomads

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Balancing leisure and work is challenging for digital nomads. Burnout and loneliness were cited as top struggles for remote workers even before the pandemic, and now with limited social events and interactions, restricted travel, and shut offices, it has become exacerbated.

The Martec Group surveyed 1,214 individuals to identify how working from home during the pandemic is affecting employees and found a significant decline in mental health across all industries, seniority levels, and demographics. Surprisingly, 84 percent of employees reported working from home as bad for their mental health.

At Fairytrail, most of our users are remote workers and we fully recognized the challenges, so we’ve curated the top 9 must-have mental health apps for digital nomads based on category. 


For Meditation


1. Headspace

I’ve been using Headspace since the day it first came out. To be honest, it’s actually tough to imaging my life without it. It offers excellent options for guided meditations that help you stay calm and provide clarity on things you’re trying to figure out. 

Additionally, they offer articles, videos and guided exercises that will help you live a happier, healthier life. 

Headspace claims to increase your happiness by 16% in 10 days and a single session would reduce your mind wandering by 22%. Use this app regularly for a period of 30 days to see an 11% increase in mental resilience

You can sign up for a 10-day free trial of all the premium content. After this, you can subscribe for $12.99 (monthly) or $95 (annually).

The bottom line: Use this app if you’re curious and just starting out with mental health apps.


2. Pacifica

This app will help you significantly reduce stress, depression and anxiety through journaling and meditation. You can pick what type of environment relaxes you the most when you begin. 

Pacifica will ask you about your goals, preferred meditation time and if you’re working with a mental health professional. If you are, it will tailor your practice using that information. 

The calming and lovely design and the interface will compel you to use it every day. Each day, there’s a free unique meditation that focuses on a specific point of stress like relationships, work, school, etc.

What truly sets this app apart from the thousands of meditation apps on the play store is its integrations with your Spotify playlists. It will recommend you a new playlist every week with tracks that will leave you feeling energized, empowered and will help you with your meditation practise as well as your life. 

Another highlight of this wonderful app is access to chat rooms and community discussions. You can discuss your struggles, wins and experiences with other users of the app. 

You can access the 7 basic modules for free or you can subscribe for $8.99 (monthly), $53.99 (annually) or $199 (lifetime). 

The bottom line: This app is perfect for you if you want to hone a particular pain point such as confidence, social anxiety, etc. 


For Reflection and Mood Tracking


3. Stigma

It’s journaling and mood tracking app that helps you track your moods and pen down our thoughts. You can also share your thoughts with their community of users. 

Its robust analytics feature helps you analyse your thoughts and attitudes over time by creating word clouds that show prominent trends. 

Access to most of the features is free but you need to subscribe in order to track your moods in relation to your fitness/location levels.

The bottom line: Sign up for this app of you want to understand your mood cycle and wish to be a part of an affordable support group that’s always available.


4. Happy Not Perfect

The goal of this app is to help you change the way you take care of your mind through straightforward and thoughtful reflections and exercises. 

With hundreds of themed sessions to work through activities and stressors, it helps you deal with complicated relationships, depression and work stress. 

The app features one-of-a-kind modern, clean aesthetics combined with mindful games that help you gain the clarity you need. You can also listen to a wide array of sound healing experiences and pen down your thoughts in order to keep a track of your moods and feelings. 

It gives you space and time you need for reflection by helping you analyse the stressors that make you feel a certain way. 

The access to 1 session per day is free and you can upgrade for personalized unlimited sessions for approximately $5 a month. 

The bottom line: This is your go-to place for everything you need to look after your mind in a fun new way.


5. Stoic

A free, comprehensive and beautifully designed app that is based on the Greek philosophy of Stoicism. This app helps you manage your negativity by tracking your actions and thoughts through reflective exercises like breathing and mood tracking exercises, meditation with a strong focus on journaling. 

The bottom line: Start using this app if you need help dealing with your emotions and daily obstacles. It’ll help you live a happier, tranquil life.  


For Therapy and Advice


6. Sanvello

Boasting over 3M+ users, this is the #1 free app if you want to deal with depression, anxiety and stress. It provides clinically validated techniques to help you manage your thoughts and moods and offers expert lessons on health and mood tracking and mindfulness. 

You can use the community board to share your stories and progress with others. If you wish to seek professional help, you can browse through the directory of a licensed therapist in your area. 

The bottom line: Use this app if you’re suffering from stress, depression or anxiety.


7. Talkspace

It’s an online therapy app that matches you with qualified therapists. If you’re looking for real therapy without leaving the comfort of this app, Talkspace is what you need. 

Their plans start at $49 a week that allows you to choose a therapist with experience in your problem area. You can chat with them or video call them according to your convenience. 

Therapists will offer actionable advice and steps similar to what you’d get in an actual brick-and-mortar therapy session. You can upgrade your package if you need an unlimited chat and video call access. 

The bottom line: This app is perfect if you’re searching for a therapist. It’s great for teens as well. All you need is your parents’ permission to get started. 


8. 7 Cups

If you’re looking for free counselling and therapy, install 7 Cups. You’re matched with a “listener” based on what you wish to talk about and how you’re feeling. 

Please note that these listeners are not qualified professionals but are volunteers that want to offer you support. The chats are confidential, anonymous and free with listeners available in several different languages. 

Additionally, you can access educational material that’ll provide more insight into therapy, videos and activities, calming games and wellness tests. 

If you wish to chat with a licensed therapist, you can subscribe for a premium service that starts at $12.99 a month. 

The bottom line: Use this app if you need someone to talk to for free counseling or therapy. Return the favour by becoming a listener to do something meaningful with your life. 


To Deal Specifically With Anxiety


9. Calmer You

This app was made by Nick Begley, former head of research at Headspace and is dedicated to help you build an anxiety-free future. 

It has turned self-development books into app-based actionable courses incorporating CBT and mindfulness techniques. These help you form positive habits that will help you keep your anxiety at bay. 

The app provides you with everything from diaphragmatic breathing to mindfulness techniques to help you break down your worries and boost your self-esteem. 

The bottom line: This app is perfect for you if you want to learn mindfulness skills that will improve your overall mental and physical health.


Written by Shristi Patni 

Shristi is the founder of F and B Recipes. Formerly the Chief Content Officer at Raletta, she is currently working on her second cookbook. Feel free to check out her interviews with other food bloggers or her articles on Shamballa Reiki.

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Gifting Your Children Vacations Instead of Toys Can Lead to Advanced Brain Development

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Stressing about holiday gifts and looking for alternatives to expensive toys for your children? We have exciting news for you. Gifting your children experiences coupled with bonding time might be better for their soul and mind rather than breakable toys! 


In 2017, The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships surveyed close to 500 women between 18 and 93 years old and published a study. The women were asked to answer the question, “Most people feel loved when … ” — and guess what? The most popular answers had nothing to do with receiving tangible items.


“Our research found that micro-moments of positivity, like a kind word, cuddling with a child or receiving compassion make people feel most loved,” — Dr. Zita Oravecz, Human Development and Family Studies Professor at Pennsylvania State University, one of the study’s authors — told NPR.


Britain’s best-selling psychological author, Oliver James, in a conversation with The Telegraph asks “Do you have any idea what an extraordinary proportion of presents we give children aren’t actually wanted or valued?” 


“Give a 2-year-old a present and she’ll get absorbed in the box instead. It’s similar with children and travel. We should let them explore their own ways of finding wonder in their surroundings,” James advised.


A British child psychologist, Dr. Margot Sunderland, wrote a piece for The Telegraph in 2017. “Aside from a potential boost to long-term happiness, vacations can make children smarter. What is less widely known is that vacations can also advance brain development in children. This is because, on a family vacation, you are exercising two genetically ingrained systems deep in the brain’s limbic area, which can all too easily be ‘unexercised’ in the home.”, writes Dr. Margot.


“These are the PLAY system and the SEEKING system (Panksepp 2016),” Sunderland adds, explaining that the brain’s PLAY system “is exercised every time you bury your child’s feet in the sand, tickle them on the pool lounger, or take them for a ride on your back. The SEEKING system is exercised each time you go exploring together: the forest, the beach, a hidden gem of a village.”


“So when you take your child on a vacation, you are supporting their explorative urge (SEEKING system) a vital resource for living life well, and their capacity to play (PLAY system). In adulthood, this translates into the ability to play with ideas — essential, for example, to the successful entrepreneur,” she added.


According to James, it’s worth noting that vacations “remove us, physically, from our highly pressured everyday lives where everyone’s focused on meeting targets. They are times when everyone can relax and be playful together.”


“This collaborative playtime — devoid of solo-focused toys and technology — is a crucial human experience, for children especially, but for adults too. Without it, life is very empty and lacking in joy,” he added.


About the pros of traveling with younger ones, James added – “Children see the world differently. Through consumption, for example, The way that French cafés have Orangina instead of Fanta is fascinating to kids, and details like that will stick with them for long after the vacation ends.”


When you travel, you gain richer experiences, create deeper relationships, and make memories that will be a source of happiness and stay with you forever. Read more about how traveling helps build relationships here.

Written by Taige Zhang
Founder of Fairytrail


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Fairytrail is a travel adventure dating app that connects single travelers on group journeys and activities. Its mission is to help people explore the world’s cultures and places with someone they like.

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Why Traveling Together Creates Chemistry

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Tired of underwhelming coffee dates and telling people about how many siblings you have? If you’re frustrated by the limited dating pool in your city, it’s time to shake up your routine by adding adventure and excitement.

Try replacing your usual date script with the unknown— find someone you get along with, and go travel together. Read on to find out what experts have to say about why traveling together can help you find the chemistry you’re looking for.

You Can Uncover Each Other’s Lifestyles, Values, and World Views

Just by choosing an adventure together, you’re already setting yourselves up for success. According to personal development consultant and New York Times bestselling author Mark Manson, it’s important to distinguish between compatibility and chemistry. He says, “Compatibility is about the long-term potential of two people. High compatibility between people comes from similarities in their lifestyles and values.” If you two are traveling together, you already share something hugely important—an interest in seeing the world, in expanding your horizons.

If you two are interested in the same kinds of adventures, all the better. Even by wanting to go on the adventure together, you and your partner have already established some major compatibility.

You Can Feel More Natural And Comfortable Around Each Other

Modern Love Editor, Daniel Jones, said in an interview: “My best suggestion for a dating app? Go on a trip abroad, or on a backcountry excursion, with 10 people you don’t know. I bet you’ll fall in love with one of them.”

You can avoid the usual awkward pitfalls of dating—lulls in conversation, overly-scripted questions, and the weirdness of not knowing what to do next—by doing something truly exciting together. As dating coach Eric Resnick told Bustle, “Good dates are interactive. Do something where you are both on your feet and moving around together… The point is that you have something to focus on other than the date. This gives you both a chance to breathe and be yourselves. It also provides you with built-in things to talk about if the conversation hits a dead spot.” Traveling together hits all the marks: getting you on your feet, giving you opportunities to be yourself, and offering something exciting to talk about.

Your Excitement Will Spark Chemistry

When you go on adventures together, you’re getting out of your comfort zones and, no innuendo intended, arousing your bodies. Why does that basic, physiological response matter when it comes to building chemistry? According to psychologists, when your blood pressure is up and you’re feeling short of breath, your brain doesn’t always know why. So, if you’re with a partner, and you’re both feeling excited, you and your partner might attribute that excitement to each other. Basically, your brain takes the excitement from whatever you’re doing and turns it into chemistry with the other person.


Photo Courtesy: Grace Chen

So, if you want to feel the sparks flying, do something exciting together. See a new place with gorgeous scenery. Try unfamiliar foods or exotic gourmet. Visit museums and art galleries. If you really want to use psychology to your advantage, get your heart racing. Go climbing or dancing, surfing, or horse riding.

Basically, if you’re looking to really feel a connection with another person, travel is an amazing way to start.

If you don’t want to sift through hundreds of profiles to find someone who is as passionate about travel as you, give the recently launched Fairytrail app a try. It’s a wholesome dating app that lets you match with a traveling partner on a fun, safe adventure.

Written by Clara Olshansky

Writer at Travel + Leisure, world traveler, and frequent online dater. After graduating from Yale, Clara taught abroad in two different countries, lived with five different host families, and traveled to 32 towns/cities: 4 in Japan, 17 in Israel, 2 in England, 1 in Germany, 7 in Greece, and 1 in Turkey.


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Fairytrail is a travel adventure dating app that connects single travelers on group journeys and activities. Its mission is to help people explore the world’s cultures and places with someone they like.

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Traveling Makes Us Much Happier Than Any Material Wealth

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When you are feeling a little down, there’s nothing like the instant hit of buying something on Amazon or going on a little shopping spree. Spending money can bring you happiness, but only temporarily. Traveling makes us happier than any material wealth.

Making new purchases may give you a quick rush but it isn’t able to help you maintain happiness.

The problem is we get used to new clothes, phones, cars, and shoes fairly quickly. As soon as we get used to our new purchase, our level of satisfaction decreases. Once the novelty and thrill are gone, we feel compelled to buy something again.

So what’s a better option?

According to research from Cornell University, doing makes us happier than owning. Dr. Gilovich found that people experience the same amount of happiness when making a purchase they want and when they travel.

However, while the happiness we get from a purchase quickly decreases over time, the memories of travel experiences produce happiness for a much longer time.

But why?

Experiences Create A Sense Of Identity

Dr. Gilovich explains our experience is a bigger part of ourselves than our material things. We may feel and like to think that we are a reflection of the stuff we buy; however, they are mostly separate from our identities. On the other hand, our life and travel experiences are strongly a part of who we are.

If you think about it, your most cherished memories probably aren’t from the material things you’ve bought. Rather, they’re experiences you’ve had.

Happiness Comes From Relationships 

An 80-year old research study from Harvard University found individuals who were most connected to their family, friends, community, and other people were the healthiest and happiest.

Interestingly, Dr. Waldinger explains that experiences connect you to others in a way that material things can’t. Some of the most important moments in his life are travel which has brought him closer to his family and loved ones.

The best way to deepen your relationships by doing new things together with the people in your life.

Travel Creates Heightened Awareness

Traveling brings us in touch with new people, cultures, and places.
In novel environments, our awareness, focus, and experiences are richer. When we experience normal environments that we’ve already adapted to, our experiences blur into one and things are often missed. Why should we bother remembering if we’ve had the 8 or 9th Starbucks from down the street?

When we travel, we experience wonder, joy, and lasting memories that are hard to forget. 


A new car gets old as soon as you drive it off the lot, but a travel story just gets better over time. When you travel, you gain richer experiences, create deeper relationships, and make memories that will be a source of happiness and stay with you forever. Traveling makes us happier than any material wealth.

Written by Taige Zhang
Founder of Fairytrail


About Fairytrail

Fairytrail is a travel adventure dating app that connects single travelers on group journeys and activities. Its mission is to help people explore the world’s cultures and places with someone they like.

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